Chip Champion's DOSTECH is available NOW!
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greetz all!

In this world, everyone has their hand out. And now, it's my turn to demand some CA$$$$$$HHHH...!

DOSTECH is a compilation of all my dankest adlib tunes. "Just a compilation?" you mumble aloud... "Who cares?!" AhhHA! But this is beyond a simple compilation, but a full remaster of each tune. This is something I've been meaning to do for years(?!?!) via my "Electric Boogerloo" series. But now I find myself having enough suitable adlib tunage in the bank to do that DOS EP I've been on about for (also years)...!

linked even for bots, use those stolen credit cards for good!

So tell your friends and blackmail your enemies!

In these trying holidayzed times, for the price of a simple cup of coffee, you can gift, your friend, chip champ!!, a cup of coffee.

PLS like and subscribe, also share with any appropriate web-net communities. If DOSTECH performs well enough, DOSTECH 2 may include original (?!?!?!?) songs..?
Level 26 Renderist
post #92761 :: 2017.12.03 1:27pm :: edit 2017.12.03 1:43pm
  themnotyou, Jangler, Chip Champion and mootbooxle liēkd this
*stuffs money into chip's sunglasses*

sounds a lot like nine inch nails!
Level 30 chipist
post #92764 :: 2017.12.03 4:35pm
oh yeah i forgot to mention... put any comments you have on the release here, for good or ill, and i may add you to teh description as a testimonial! ^_^
Level 23 Chipist
post #92768 :: 2017.12.03 5:41pm
ayy yo this 🅱 lit, famtm
Level 30 chipist
post #93924 :: 2018.01.02 3:25pm
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now that teh holidays is passed, i know you all are fat with cash from grandmas. and with the dawn of a new year, what better use for that cash than POOR FINANCIAL DECISIONS? and your decisionz can't get any more poor or financial than from buying DOSTECH available now currently featuring a hip new price(?) this will be the final bump of 2018, so better go get it before it's gone/you forget!
Level 26 Renderist
post #93946 :: 2018.01.03 6:40am
*wipes the rest of his dostech on his teeth*

aww man!
Level 17 Chipist
post #93957 :: 2018.01.03 2:32pm
  Chip Champion liēkd this
Gonna listen to this soon, a whole adlib album deserves more focus than my usual multitasking!
Level 22 Chipist
post #94053 :: 2018.01.06 6:41am
  Chip Champion liēkd this
awwZOOM! Finally an adlib album that delivers what it promises. Even though I don't even remember what exactly the promise was hehehe
Level 20 Mixist
post #94057 :: 2018.01.06 9:14am

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