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post #92732 :: 2017.12.02 12:26pm
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miss doing ohbs with yall. ill hopefully be active again in the spring/summer next year once my life stabilizes

heres what ive been working on during my inactivity though: https://meaningsband.bandcamp.com/album/none-of-the-above
please do not hurt me if it is not good lol

also if anyone lives in or near rockford, minneapolis, oshkosh, chicago, grand rapids, or fort wayne from 12/4-12/9 hit me up. i'm gonna be on tour in those cities and i would like to chill.
ok bye bye
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post #92733 :: 2017.12.02 1:29pm
i find bandcamp neglecting to notify me about your new release highly unsettling. :|

enjoying the first couple tracks a ton. i'll have a lot to tell you about this album - congrats on another one, dude

and yeah you got my message about OHBing :) be sure to ping me!!
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post #92738 :: 2017.12.02 4:13pm
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post #92744 :: 2017.12.02 7:17pm
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post #92745 :: 2017.12.02 7:33pm

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