SNES MMX music creation pack - all samples and soundfonts in .wav and .brr!
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post #92711 :: 2017.12.01 10:44pm :: edit 2017.12.02 5:22am
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i always been amazed how i never spotted a single snes mmx style track on BotB

i must confess it's music is what made me into learning electric guitar thus, music and chiptunes :D

up to this day they are my favorite sounds for metal music x3 and not just that, here's some stuff people do with this delicious sound it fits:

classic rock
hip hop

and literally anything BUT these samples weren't to be found anywhere D: and if there, it just was a soundfont without looppoints ;-;

so i took two weeks of hard work into this so i can make my own and help some snes-like mmx fangames out there, also to make BotB a better place for snes mmx music lovers

what's in? all samples for every song on the three snes megaman x in .wav and .brr formats with their looppoints in each sample, as well as soundfonts in .sf2 and .dls with a midi of every song too

their spc and spcplay, and a guide on how to make accurate snes sound with them in spanish too :D, also detailed per instrument/song information

unused samples are also in! :D

snes mmx major pls ;-;
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post #92716 :: 2017.12.02 5:33am :: edit 2017.12.02 5:33am
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Wow. Awesome work. I'm impressed. Can you explain how you ripped all the samples? I use SPCtoIT ti rip samples, however, it gets tedious for certain soundtracks where the ID in the SPC differs between different SPCs.
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post #92717 :: 2017.12.02 5:54am :: edit 2017.12.02 5:54am
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I was busy some months ago making a big repository with .wav and .brr samples ripped from the Top 50 rated games from
I only have ripped about 9 of them, but maybe we can team up for in the future to do that ?

Also thanks for the effort to rip 'em and put them all into a variety of formats !
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post #92719 :: 2017.12.02 8:30am :: edit 2017.12.03 5:45am
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@SnarkyPenguin thanks a lot! :D i used split700 with a batch that rips all the samples from $00 to $2F (all the ones used in music) from spc on the folder, and had the -M option which extract the samples with their loop point :) it is the best tool i have used yet! x3 then used brr2wav in the same folder to convert the brr to wav while keeping their loop points

as for the soundfonts and midis i used VGMTrans, you can find both split700 and VGMTrans i used in the Tools folder there! :D

@RazerBlue6 wOW, that sounds amazing! :D and absolutely! :) i am up to do it after a bit, since i have other priorities now BUT yea, count on that x3

also thanks so much! =' D
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post #92752 :: 2017.12.03 5:40am :: edit 2017.12.03 5:45am
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after having released this, some people helped on ideas on what left for this to be better; so this is a to-do list i am working on now:

+ add ADSR values for every sample there
+ update F.A.Q with more useful Q/A (you help there too ;D)
+ make a Fruity Loops template with everything on so you just care about inputting notes (is this even achievable?!?!)
+ re-add soundfonts and midi for 22-Dr. Light theme from Megaman X1 when i find the fix (11-Chill Penguin theme is extracted instead, i filled a bug report in VGMTrans)
+ update midis that has it's end offset (also filled a bug report on VGMTrans for this)

if you have ideas too please share them, so this package can be the ultimate resource for people who wants to do snes mmx style music! =' D
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post #92773 :: 2017.12.03 9:43pm
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Accurate Features!

I will use AddmusicK with $FA $01 $XX Gain support
.BRR support
Very Accurate Instrumentation
Ripped ADSR Routines
Mega Man X 100% Styled
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post #92777 :: 2017.12.04 6:17am
afaik the driver used for mmx switches all or most i've seen adsr to gain after a few tics, and so far they don't change their adsr value :D so, i'm gonna rip the used ADSR and Gain for every instrument for the next update x3

split700 rips the best brr instruments afaik so that's settled :D

gonna bump this thread once it is done =' 3
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post #92791 :: 2017.12.04 4:16pm
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That's pretty cool! Thanks for this.
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post #92882 :: 2017.12.08 12:24pm :: edit 2017.12.08 12:24pm
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I have a Plok! sounfont rip:

I'm interested into contributing into a soundfont repo. Heck, I might be make my own!
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so, after a while i finally got all the ADSR values for every sample in every track of all three megaman x games

all the ADSR values are in their SPCPlay format, as well as the AddMusicK's instrument format and it's $ED ADSR command format

the only thing i think is left for me to do is getting all the sample's tuning used in every track in each game in the AddMusicK's instrument format manually

as for the fruity loops template, is out of my sight now taking in count the amount of work that fetching an accurate tuning will be for me, it probably gonna be the most time consuming thing of all i have done so far BUT i'll work on the template once the sample tuning is wrapped up

you can find the values, information for everything and a tutorial inside the txt file in there, there's also a fully translated spanish version by me as well
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post #97227 :: 2018.03.04 8:29pm
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wow sick, i gotta dl these tomorrow n mess w them
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post #97296 :: 2018.03.07 4:48pm
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cool thanks
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post #98025 :: 2018.03.28 12:54pm
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Great, thanks!
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post #104759 :: 2018.10.24 7:14pm :: edit 2018.10.24 7:19pm
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does anyone still have this? all i see is 400 error sad cow

i gut you back. it's all happy coes now, bro
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Hey there, everybody! I'm Raven Jerint (the one who made some MMX remixes with SNES samples) If you don't know me, just look at this:

Maybe some of you already know, but ViL is not on the road anymore... Won't explain the details right now but I was working with him all the 1st half of 2018 to bring you the Composer Pack 1.2 (with VERY HUGE improvements); then he deleted all his social media around last July but I kept all his resources.

I was working very hard on this to continue his legacy but I don't have the same knowledge... I need some help using VGMTrans and obtain used/called sample information of each song (MMX trilogy is complete but I need it if want to do the process with another games)... If you know something about it or people who have that skills let me know... the Composer Pack 1.2 is not complete yet but I promise you'll get a BIG surprise soon!


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