hi im bored, ask me some questions (AMA)
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post #92599 :: 2017.11.29 9:36pm :: edit 2017.11.29 10:01pm
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Thought this would be fun to try out. Will do my best to answer as many questions as I can. They can be as personal as you want, as crazy as you want--I have no filter. Ask away :)

(oh and btw--i'm gonna be answering in blocks, so don't think i'm ignoring you if i don't answer right away)
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post #92600 :: 2017.11.29 9:57pm
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Do you have a porn subscription?
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post #92601 :: 2017.11.29 10:35pm
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do you believe in miracles?
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post #92607 :: 2017.11.30 1:40am
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Will you be my friend?
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post #92608 :: 2017.11.30 1:49am
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@Minerscale: Surprisingly, no! I tend to use Tumblr most of the time for that.

@b00daw: My instinct has always been "no, that's not possible", but I'm always being struck with evidence that suggests otherwise. The past couple years I've been pretty unsure of my firm stance on that concept, but I'm willing to accept it as a possibility. My mind is certainly much more open to this realm of thought now than it used to be.

@Robyn: Absolutely!
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post #92609 :: 2017.11.30 2:12am
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@Sinc-X: lol
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post #92610 :: 2017.11.30 2:13am
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What are your top 5 (or whatever you think is enough) musical influences, artists/groups. Or rather if you can't think of the top, just what you think are the greatest that influenced you to your style you have right now?

I love your style by the way !! :D//
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post #92611 :: 2017.11.30 2:55am
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why did you spend 20 boons on something you couldve done on reddit
Level 26 Renderist
post #92617 :: 2017.11.30 4:49am
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do you really want to hurt me?
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #92619 :: 2017.11.30 5:09am
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what do you think about avacados?
Level 10 Chipist
post #92622 :: 2017.11.30 6:03am
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Do you have any tips for adding variety to a song?
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post #92624 :: 2017.11.30 7:16am
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@RazerBlue6: This is a tough one! My #1 influence without any doubt is Jeroen Tel, I've looked up to him for years; after that it gets a bit trickier. I don't know if I can rank them, or even pick just 5 (and not sure exactly how much impact they've had on my style), but just a few of my other biggest inspirations in no order: Motoi Sakuraba, Dave Wise, Grant Kirkhope (that's where the love of egypt music comes from!!), Yasuhito Saito, Alexander Brandon, and more recently Ken Nakagawa and Hiroshi Yoshimura. Of course, that's just outside of this community; the people here definitely inspire me too! I think the obvious ones are golgi, coda, jangler, but there are definitely tons of others as well. And thanks!!

@Zlew: 1. I have more b00ns than I know what to do with
2. I don't use reddit
3. I don't care about reddit

@b00daw: Of course not! That's not what friends do.

@ViLXDRYAD: I love avocados!.........but I have an intolerance, so I can't eat them except very sparsely and in small quantities. It's a shame.

@SoundSync5000: I think the best way to make your songs more interesting is to try things you've never tried before. Maybe a new time signature, a wacky melody, an awesome new progression; if it stands out to you as being unique in your own music, it'll probably stand out that way to others too! If you're still trying to ease into that, it might help to take things you've already written and try to make them sound totally different, like changing them to be in different time signatures, or putting the same melody over completely different backing. Even just doing that in your music will give it a special flair.
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post #92625 :: 2017.11.30 7:17am
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What got you into music in general, let alone trackers?
Level 9 Mixist
post #92631 :: 2017.11.30 11:07am :: edit 2017.11.30 11:14am
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How on earth do you make a complete track in just one hour :D
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post #92632 :: 2017.11.30 11:25am :: edit 2017.11.30 11:26am
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Where does the name sinc-x come from?
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post #92633 :: 2017.11.30 11:59am
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What is your favorite game to speedrun?
Level 24 Chipist
post #92635 :: 2017.11.30 12:11pm
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Do you want to build a snowman?
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post #92639 :: 2017.11.30 3:04pm
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How does one not get a headache while using chromatic keyboard in MPT?
Does drinking carbonated water constitute a heresy?

On a more serious note, what was your first original composition? Was it ever published, or is that one of those that are never going to leave the "things i'd rather forget about" folder?

Also how did you find out about BotB's existence
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post #92641 :: 2017.11.30 3:55pm :: edit 2017.11.30 4:10pm
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@A-zu-ra: Back in SMWC's prime, when i was just a wee lad, I started making SMW covers because I realized I sucked at literally everything else. Eventually that led to me being introduced to OpenMPT as a manner of creating samples, and at some point that turned into using it regularly. I technically started out with MIDI and Anvil Studio, but as soon as I was introduced to MPT I was hooked (because FUCK anvil studio)--and so when I eventually came here, I was already familiar with it, so it was just a matter of learning how to compose rather than learning how trackers worked. Oh, and I tried composing in FL before i ever did in MPT because I had heard that was what the Cool Kids used--couldn't stand it, never could. And so here I am.

@MrBoxBox: The answer is practice! The more you practice the more natural it becomes!

@gotoandplay: Random Scrabble tiles that happened to form something I thought was cool-ish. It sounds like a joke, but that is absolutely the truth!

@Cessor Safari: I don't think I've ever speedrun a game so that's a tough question. If I had to pick a game to speedrun though...I guess I'd just have to go with my favorite game, which is DKC2 on GBA.

@Tobikomi: If you can somehow make a warm snowman I'm down. I hate snow and the cold (how ironic).

@MiDoRi: a) By being used to it from the get-go!
b) Absolutely not. I love sparkling water :)
c) Something in SPC, forever lost in time. I have no recollection of what it sounded like, but I imagine a fire alarm would have been more listenable. [it was published at some point in time but that link is long dead and gone]
d) At first it was just looking for XMSNES, but I never used my account until I was dragged back a couple months later by other SMWC nerds.
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post #92643 :: 2017.11.30 5:02pm
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Describe your perfect Sunday...
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post #92644 :: 2017.11.30 5:28pm
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do you feel confident of your person even if people are rude to you?

what's the wisest life-lesson you could advice to a fellow homosexual? :)
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post #92646 :: 2017.11.30 7:30pm
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Is there a god?
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post #92667 :: 2017.12.01 12:49am
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Would you give up water to stay hydrated forever?
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post #92668 :: 2017.12.01 1:33am
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@growley: Any combination of sleeping, eating, watching anime, watching food TV shows, playing video games, and making music, sounds like a pretty damn good Sunday to me.

@ViLXDRYAD: a) Depends on the day, but usually I can take it pretty well. If I'm already depressed though that might change.
b) Never give up hope! I'm still a lonely boy but not for one second do I dare believe that won't change.

@DaJoshy: If there is, he hasn't done jack for me. What an asshole.

@Cessor Safari: Absolutely not!! Water is so satisfying...in fact, I am drinking water right now. I could never give it up!!
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post #92673 :: 2017.12.01 4:56am
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can we have an OHB at some point soon :P
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post #92685 :: 2017.12.01 10:16am
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do you feel the way i do?
Level 7 Chipist
post #92696 :: 2017.12.01 11:29am
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What is the current color of your underwear?
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post #92720 :: 2017.12.02 8:53am
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@MrBoxBox: Maybe! All depends on how many people are active and willing to participate at a given time.

@b00daw: If the way you feel is wanting to curl up in a ball and hope things get better on their own, then yes.

@SnarkyPenguin: Blue.
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post #92721 :: 2017.12.02 9:07am
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Which 5 songs of yours are you most proud of and why?
Level 24 Chipist
post #92722 :: 2017.12.02 9:21am
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Fire, water, air, and dirt
Fucking magnets, how do they work?
Level 26 Renderist
post #92726 :: 2017.12.02 9:54am
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do you want to build a snowman?
Level 23 Mixist
post #92747 :: 2017.12.02 9:10pm
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Yam or Sweet Potato?
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post #92775 :: 2017.12.04 12:32am
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@gotoandplay: This is a really tough one! Honestly you could pick any 5 songs from my album and that could be a valid answer since that's such a personal accomplishment for me. Album or not, though, I tried to narrow it down to my 5 biggest accomplishments (in no order):

1. Big Package -- the first song I completed specifically for the album, marking the start of a new era for me, and the second-to-last section is one of the best things I have ever written. It also taught me that VST overlapping accidents can be super cool (1:41 started as a total mistake!).

2. Sakura Blast Stage 2 -- This was the first song that really convinced me I had something, and was probably a major turning point in my music. It's also one of the few of my older songs that I'm still relatively happy with.

3. Enter the Void -- Easily my favorite song I've ever made. Don't have much else to say other than that.

4. NES Asylum -- Don't think this one needs a ton of explanation either. Totally owned what seems to be one of the most universally disliked trackers, how could I not include it?

5. Piggy Party -- Pretty much the same reasoning as NES Asylum but on an even bigger scale. It's still completely amazing to me that I scored so highly in a Big Major with an LGPT song; probably the most sanity I've lost working on a single piece of music, but 100% worth it.

Some honorable mentions: No Juice, Senseless, Liquid Rock, ICB, Adventures in FMTown.

@Tobikomi: Magic

@b00daw: Can we build a waterman instead?

@Cessor Safari: Sweet potato.
Level 9 Mixist
post #92779 :: 2017.12.04 7:50am
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Is there a new S3XMODIT Mania in 2018?
Level 23 Mixist
post #92788 :: 2017.12.04 2:42pm :: edit 2017.12.05 2:41pm
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Can you prove that a god exists?

EDIT: Oh I just realized that this was already asked!@##$^#$

NEW QUESTION: What is your favorite brand of Ginger Ale AND Root Beer?
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post #92789 :: 2017.12.04 3:39pm
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do yall got lap tops
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post #92790 :: 2017.12.04 4:09pm
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pls write me a detailed story about why water is the best drink
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Do you or have you ever had any interests/hobbies you wanted to make a career out of?

The answer is probably music, but anything else?
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post #92817 :: 2017.12.05 5:20am
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are you able to do stuff when you aren't really feeling like it (laziness or any other reason)? if so, how do you motivate yourself to do stuff?
Level 26 Renderist
post #92823 :: 2017.12.05 8:36am
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why does golgi think a request is a question?
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post #92827 :: 2017.12.05 12:12pm
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What's your favorite goluigi song?
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post #92830 :: 2017.12.05 3:31pm :: edit 2017.12.06 2:24pm
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Do you think that there is, in fact, a way to prepare for an OHB?
@Midori Oh, ok then. I'll have to render some when I can. Another question, how difficult is it to come up with a song? Does it just get easier over time?
Level 20 Pixelist
post #92832 :: 2017.12.06 12:40am
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Template files with instruments set and ready, anyone?
Level 16 Pixelist
post #92854 :: 2017.12.06 2:14pm
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Are you getting overwhelmed by these questions?
Level 9 Mixist
post #92860 :: 2017.12.06 8:29pm
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Have you ever been deeply in love?
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post #92866 :: 2017.12.07 6:47am :: edit 2017.12.07 6:48am
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oh boy here we go

@10ctagon2: Yes.

@Cessor Safari: Don't drink gingerale. As for root beer, MUG all the way. Jones and A&W are close contenders though.

@cabbage: Yes! I own an Acer Swift 3.

@goluigi: http://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry/justice+served+once+again.bmp/21373/

@Zillah: I've always considered my hobbies to be nothing more than that--hobbies. While I love making music, as a career path it's filled with horror stories, hence why I turned to computer science. I suppose you could count that, but that decision was made before I really did anything with it, so it would probably be closer to the reverse of your question.

@raphaelgoulart: I am terrible at motivating myself, unfortunately. Sometimes I find that setting myself hard deadlines helps me keep a good ethic, but even that can be difficult to bring myself to do if I'm really out of it.

@b00daw: We will never know.

@Doxic: That's tough because there are so many good ones to choose from, but on a whim I'll say baller world.

@SoundSync5000: I think it's closer to a sine wave structurally in terms of difficulty. Starts out hard when you don't really know what you're doing, then you start to get a rhythm and it gets easier, then you start doubting yourself and try to continually match your ever-heightening standards, becoming more and more difficult, and then you get a rhythm going again, and the cycle repeats. At least, that's pretty much been my experience (I probably sit somewhere in the middle right now).

@MiDoRi: The only templates I use are for setting channel count and tempo mode in MPTM. Otherwise most of the time it's all grabbing from a mixed bag.

@Galak Sea: Yes. I mean, no. I mean, maybe?

@NNOIZZ: One-dimensionally. Still waiting for the second
Level 23 Mixist
post #92887 :: 2017.12.08 3:34pm
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vine ripe or sun dried?
Level 22 Mixist
post #92888 :: 2017.12.08 4:16pm
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FMK jerry seinfeld jason alexander michael richards
Level 21 Chipist
post #92892 :: 2017.12.08 8:01pm
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If you could have one wish (it can be anything), what would it be?
Level 27 Chipist
post #93070 :: 2017.12.12 10:12am
@Cessor Safari: I don't like tomatoes (but fresh, if I had to choose. sun dried tomatoes taste like actual vomit)

@stinkbug: These are apparently seinfeld actors? i've never watched seinfeld

@Dimeback: A good metabolism
Level 26 Renderist
post #93072 :: 2017.12.12 11:37am
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what happens if you press "close thread" on this thread?
Level 27 Chipist
post #93073 :: 2017.12.12 11:39am
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the world would surely explode
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #93078 :: 2017.12.12 1:50pm
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the sure would worldly explode
Level 20 Mixist
post #93295 :: 2017.12.17 11:27am
1. how can i get a life
2. what is the best pizza topping
3. strangest bara yaoi doujin you've seen
4. favorite classical composer
5. 4 underrated animes

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