Whatchu snackin on?
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post #92553 :: 2017.11.28 10:06pm
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Celery and Tuna for me!

What about you?
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post #92557 :: 2017.11.28 10:35pm
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I've eaten nothing worth talking about for a very long time.
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post #92558 :: 2017.11.28 10:50pm
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post #92561 :: 2017.11.29 12:51am
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post #92563 :: 2017.11.29 5:59am :: edit 2017.11.29 8:09am
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i eat

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post #92572 :: 2017.11.29 9:25am
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the souls of the innocent 💀💀💀
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post #92579 :: 2017.11.29 10:45am
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post #92585 :: 2017.11.29 12:32pm :: edit 2017.11.29 1:24pm
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Right now? Probably air.

and by that i don't mean a bag of potato chips

UPDATE: I have a can of pringles now

UPDATE 2: it's gone now
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post #92590 :: 2017.11.29 1:27pm
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post #92592 :: 2017.11.29 1:56pm
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O no, now i want Pringles, thanks
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post #92613 :: 2017.11.30 2:57am :: edit 2017.11.30 2:58am
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chili cheese fritos
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post #92616 :: 2017.11.30 3:56am
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Totinos' Pizza Rolls
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post #92626 :: 2017.11.30 7:18am
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Cocoa Pebbles with vanilla soy milk

(I blame my nephew for our abundant supply of soy milk o<-<)
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post #92628 :: 2017.11.30 9:36am
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last the night the Baton Rouge Salad wasn't enough so I chased it with a buttermilk chocolate pancake and 2 beers
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post #92629 :: 2017.11.30 9:50am
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millionaires cheesecake, apparently its 400kcal/slice
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post #92666 :: 2017.12.01 12:40am
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"400,000 calories a slice?"

-Wilford Brimley
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post #92669 :: 2017.12.01 1:38am
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post #92670 :: 2017.12.01 3:01am
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Fact: when everywhere talks about calories they actually.mean kcal
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post #92672 :: 2017.12.01 4:15am
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if there are 1000 calories in a kilocalorie, but a kilocalorie is also a calorie, then 1000 calories = 1 calorie. that means calorie = 0, and thus calories don't exist
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post #92708 :: 2017.12.01 5:55pm :: edit 2017.12.01 5:57pm
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(i edited the math out of my comment)

cheese and crackers are good
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post #92712 :: 2017.12.01 10:49pm
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my dad just came back from taiwan and he gave me all the taiwan snacks like this seaweed+almond+black sesame thing https://imgur.com/a/OJyGf
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post #92713 :: 2017.12.02 12:41am
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i eat poop; but it makes me sad. help.
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post #92748 :: 2017.12.02 9:19pm
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@VinCMG I've always wanted to try something like that. I see them @ HMart and they look... suspicious... Let me know if they are any good!

@b00daw have you tried drinking pee?
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post #92749 :: 2017.12.02 11:52pm
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they're p good! only thing is they don't taste that salty but once you eat enough of them it's like "oh ok that was actually pretty salty"
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post #92750 :: 2017.12.03 12:47am
I'm even more suspicious now.
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post #92910 :: 2017.12.09 2:29pm
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Baton Rouge salad sounds like Rocky Mountain oysters, like it's not what its name implies.
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post #93045 :: 2017.12.11 4:17pm
yummie rock dessert ;P
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post #93066 :: 2017.12.12 8:26am
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still eating ass
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post #93223 :: 2017.12.14 10:49pm
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post #93359 :: 2017.12.18 10:32am
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here, veri gud
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post #93367 :: 2017.12.18 1:58pm
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post #93490 :: 2017.12.22 1:48am
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post #93491 :: 2017.12.22 1:53am
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Do we really need such a thread? I can always reactivate my fb account if that's what i want - hearing what strangers are eating right now
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post #93495 :: 2017.12.22 2:05am
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Hah, that's a cute kitty you have there ;D

Ey, schall you're just being salty because you've stumbled upon it while hungry and nothing to chew on at hand ;)
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post #93496 :: 2017.12.22 2:11am
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No, it's just retarded and gay and i don't like it, that's all ;) Normie fb crap. I'm making bacon and eggs now, woow, just like almost every morning, woooooooow so interesting.. xD If anything, please make a thread about special national dishes of Your respective countries! Now THAT would be interesting. Show the world the awesomeness of polish kiełbasa ;) and while kefir may not be solely a polish thing, i'm sure You guys mastered that as well lol
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post #93497 :: 2017.12.22 2:14am :: edit 2017.12.22 2:16am
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If people can question my Tuhu WR thread created in a forum where mainly people interested in old videogames roam about, i CERTAINLY can question this stupid thread. Also You guys gave this thread here more attention than to many threads of peoples' personal projects which is just pathetic. Slightly edited because i don't actually want to insult people
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post #93499 :: 2017.12.22 2:49am :: edit 2017.12.26 9:56pm
No one is gay and/or retarded not even McDonalds and/or Chick Fil A!
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post #93535 :: 2017.12.23 3:26pm
Wow did You just call me retarded and gay? Is that a bad thing? Ooohhhhhhh shit guys i think we have a homophobic ableist here.. Jokes aside, You're right, sorry for the aggressive posts. My point still stands though - i think it's utterly conformist and a weak blow of people to give this thread more attention than any kind of geeky project thing =P
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post #93542 :: 2017.12.23 5:15pm
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Wtf dude why to spoil such a naive post with that, apsarah?

"please make a thread about special national dishes of Your respective countries!"

That would be fun tho
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post #93645 :: 2017.12.26 10:00pm
I'm not stopping any of my brothers and sisters from posting ultra dope shit from their wicked sweet homelands. POST ANYTHING YOU EAT IN THIS THREAD
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post #93648 :: 2017.12.26 10:58pm :: edit 2017.12.26 10:59pm
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Three ingredient cookies:
1.preheat oven to 375 degrees americanheit(or ~190 degrees celsius)
2. Take 1 cup almond flour, 1/2 cup peanut butter, and 1/4 cup maple syrup and mix.
3. roll those into tiny cookie spheres and put on a cookie sheet/non-stick tray
4. Put in the oven and wait ten minutes
5. Take out and wait until cool(turn off oven)
6. Enjoy!

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