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post #92459 :: 2017.11.25 11:43am
  aji, JINTAKE, Savestate, Quirby64, sethdonut, Cessor Safari, Fekinox, anewuser, MiDoRi, raphaelgoulart, VinCMG, ViLXDRYAD and th4 D34D liēkd this
I'm sure most of you know BotB has a youtube channel ==

From now on BotB will announce new renders of entries here!

If you see videos marked as private don't worry. BotB is going to try out publish dates so videos can be posted close to daily at or around 3pm PST. I've seen chiptune channels with 1k+ followers so why can't BotB do the same?
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post #92460 :: 2017.11.25 12:00pm
  th4 D34D liēkd this
th4 D34D - Beneath The Ice ヾ(。ꏿ﹏ꏿ)ノ゙
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post #92461 :: 2017.11.25 12:19pm
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<a href="">lpower - first day at the farm</a>
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post #92462 :: 2017.11.25 12:19pm :: edit 2017.11.25 12:22pm
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post #92463 :: 2017.11.25 12:31pm
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post #92465 :: 2017.11.25 1:36pm
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
ok so I found out that scheduled videos are not viewable until their scheduled release time -- I assumed they were unlisted or private but viewable before the release time so I have to rethink this announcement process
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post #92466 :: 2017.11.25 2:37pm
Neato! Seems like a cool way to get publicity without too much maintenance
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post #92467 :: 2017.11.25 3:41pm :: edit 2017.11.25 3:42pm
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Uuh, so how are you going to make it so it doesn't clutter the front page all the time?

Also if botb bumps the page, does botb have to pay botb X b00ns?
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post #92473 :: 2017.11.26 11:05am
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fun fact: you can relax your eyes on the scrolling pattern in the background—like a magic eye—and create a depth effect for yourself while watching the videos. p trippy ;0
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post #92474 :: 2017.11.26 11:22am
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the BotB account is level 33 but doesn't have a badge for Grand Wizardy status :thinking:
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post #92541 :: 2017.11.28 1:42pm
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alright -- all the scheduled videos (posted here already) are now public

I'm switching strategies to uploading new videos as private and then switching them to public manually when it's time (usually 3pm CST hopefully mostly daily). Also I've heard that this helps to keep youtube from auto-demonetizing videos for some reason. Whatevs!
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post #92598 :: 2017.11.29 6:16pm
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hahhahah! solar bowler was like one of the few songs of mine that already actually has an upload on youtube. this is fine tho
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post #92602 :: 2017.11.29 10:40pm
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i really like the background image; if you cross your eyes a little bit it can be "magic-eyed". wonder if you could generate some 3d...
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post #92700 :: 2017.12.01 12:19pm
Savestate - Springtime Weather! [VRC6+VRC7+FDS]
Level 33 BotB
post #92772 :: 2017.12.03 8:39pm
Warlord - Cosmic shootout
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post #92956 :: 2017.12.10 3:21pm
Recently got bummed when I found out that the video generator doesn't support unicode characters ;-;
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post #93058 :: 2017.12.12 7:09am
wtfff why not
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post #93077 :: 2017.12.12 1:07pm :: edit 2017.12.12 2:54pm
because the unicode glyphs are typically not present in any given font
your OS fills them in using a "complete" font when they're missing
so I have to switch to something like Times New Roman
or a graphics generator that supports said modern behavior

EDIT -- there is no "complete" font - the OS uses many
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post #93080 :: 2017.12.12 2:38pm :: edit 2017.12.12 2:44pm
actually... maybe I could prerender each character with the font I want and if it's dimensions are nothing then fallback to whatever font has all the unicode characters

uggg.... EDIT -- well Times has about 4,000 glyphs out of the 127,000 that unicode provides :(

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