Retroachievements - you were the best back then and want to show the world? = p
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post #92109 :: 2017.11.13 12:12pm
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hii, time ago i found this site where you get achievements for old games from the nes/snes/sms/md/gba/gbc/n64 era using special emulators, though would be fun to compete against other botbr :D

this is all the current games that supports achievements:

there are two ways to earn achievements, the normal and hardcore mode which gives you twice the points at the expense of disabling savestates/rewind/any external cheating :)

nice thing is that the games where you complete all achievements in hardcore mode are displayed in your profile at top also labeling them as mastered! x3

though there are featured emulators on the site; retroarch also supports retroachievements, and emulates everything there is achievements for too! =' D
though support is still experimental so be careful :c

add me so we can compete someday! = p
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post #92110 :: 2017.11.13 12:45pm
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here I am --

I hardly every do it though since I prefer real hardware ;)
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post #92113 :: 2017.11.13 1:56pm
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post #92116 :: 2017.11.13 2:43pm
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this I already made an account a while back! I don't do much Retro Achievements anymore though, but it's still a very cool idea and I like to go back to it every now and then.
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post #92129 :: 2017.11.13 11:44pm :: edit 2017.11.14 12:39am
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Forgot the password of my official Schallwelle account so this will have to suffice for now.
Touhou 1 Lunatic Makai path world record
(177 views and just 1 like tells You of the bitter envy of people ^_^)
Touhou 1 Lunatic 1CC No-Bomb No-Shot Makai
Touhou 1 Lunatic 1CC No-Bomb No-Shot Jigoku

Currently creating what is planned to become the biggest SMS game ever.
in terms of world size, not ROM size.
I have to stick with a maximum of 8 megabits (1 megabyte) to ensure that most people will be able to play it on their original hardware. (Apparently some SMS2 models do not even like the 8 megabit ROMs and may cause trouble)

If You can do a Touhou 1 Lunatic 1CC single-shot-only run (any path) i will lick Your feet for a whole night long. Some delusional kid told me people regularily do this at japanese touhou events but i don't believe him. Not a single video like that on the whole internet. In fact if You search for "Touhou 1 shot only" on google, a no-shot video of mine will pop up in the results =))

edit: oops, seems like my post is offtopic. i didn't read the thread before posting x3

seriously, You guys should just post Your ACTUAL RETRO VIDEOGAME ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE FORM OF STORIES in here. Or post evidential videos like i did ^_^ This retroachievements website looks like some hipster page for poor guys who have no life and reaaally want strangers to see that they play the coolest games.. *quietly deletes all references to Touhou 1 in his post, sneaks away and hangs himself
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post #92132 :: 2017.11.14 6:49am
lmao, though it helps as proofs of your skills too = p and is fun to do other people's challenges there, even a push to grab that game that you want to go back to BUT have no initial motivation to x3

also as for an story, there goes probably my best ""achievement"" = p

back then, when snes was the coolest gadget ever thinkable of; my neighbors and friends talked all the time about super mario world, there was no reliable internet to go on, so people just swallowed all the things they were told, and videogame magazines also liked to play that game = p

my brother told me that on a nintendo club magazine there were an article, that says that in Vanilla Dome 3 the underground stage with lava was a hidden blue door above the first pipes on the stage, that lead you to the mysterious island at the top-left corner of the map BUT to be able to enter you got to fly almost all the stage backward, for all kind of narrow paths filled with lava and obstacles in your way; also counting that you must grab a P switch while flying, because you can't start to fly with it in your hands = p

so, it requires a goddamn impressive tas-like try to achieve it, and after innumerable attempts i did it on real hardware and recorded it in a interface to upload it to youtube, i did BUT the account is gone and the video too ;-; unfortunately, by the time; i inspected the stage using the Lunar Magic level editor and there was no hint for a hidden door; and as you can expect, pushing the P switch at the start of the stage did nothing :c

though i am proud of my skills to have proved a myth by myself :D
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post #92177 :: 2017.11.16 12:41am
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dont use random roms use the GOOD :[good is the title of a name changing rom organizing program with a standard naming convention for all us teh lazies] set of (system name) roms before you use the emulators because I had finished some achievements before realizing they didnt woyk but my goodsnes roms, they woyked.
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post #92188 :: 2017.11.16 11:43pm
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