New Applications of Laser Cutting
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Compared with the traditional process of spot welding technology, laser welding can be customized weld form, optimize the weld after welding strength, increased design and process flexibility, can be applied to any welding form, any welding direction. At the same time can be customized according to process requirements weld distribution, making the welding force of the optimization can be a perfect realization. Laser welding soldering without contact, flexible weld requirements, can make the welding overlap surface smaller. The use of green astronomy laser welding can reduce the cost of materials to a certain extent and reduce the weight of the body, to ensure the quality of the body on the basis of the maximum to achieve light weight, but also to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

The challenges of laser welding copper are related to two major physical properties of materials: low absorption rates for most high-power industrial lasers, and high thermal conductivity during processing. We know that the copper absorption rate increases with the decrease of the wavelength, which means that the laser visible band (for example, 532nm wavelength green laser welding for copper) will have a significant advantage, but for the majority of the welding power range required for the application of these burning laser are not available or been industrial verification.

Laser cutting is a process revolution of sheet metal processing, and it is a machining center in sheet metal processing". Laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, cutting speed, high production efficiency, short product cycle, and has won a wide market for customers. Laser cutting and no cutting force, no deformation; no tool wear material, good adaptability; whether it is simple or complex parts, can be cut with a precision of laser rapid forming; the narrow kerf, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution; can realize automatic cutting like, nesting, improve material utilization, low production cost, good economic benefit.

Another application that utilizes UV lasers for small beam size and low stress properties is drilling, including through holes, micropores and blind burrs. The UV green laser light system drills through the substrate by focusing the vertical beam straight through the substrate. Depending on the material used, holes as small as 10 μm can be drilled. Ultraviolet lasers are particularly useful for multi-layer drilling. Multilayer PCBs are made of hot press using composite materials. These so-called "semi-cured" will be separated, especially after the use of higher temperature laser processing.

In 2016 the domestic laser processing equipment sales reached 25 billion yuan, according to research projections, in 2020 the laser processing market space will reach 50 billion yuan. In the domestic market, in 2015 the laser marking, cutting, welding of the three main applications accounted for 68% of sales, compared to 2005, the proportion of laser marking equipment sales there has been a significant decline from 65% to 24%, the application of new applications of red laser cutting and welding equipment sales increased significantly from 28% to 44%, because the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to increase the demand for emerging laser processing equipment.
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good to know, thank you for this very informative and useful post. i will now feel more comfortable talking about lasers to all my friends
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My initial reaction upon reading the thread title: "Sweet!"
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the new hero laserman123, the successor of sexman, hero of the olden days
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it's spelled LAZOR
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tbh i would remove the links from that accounts' bio =))
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orangero's too, he is seducing japanese botbr to some funky phone cult :)
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This thread makes me happy because we rhyme.
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maybe a laser decoration could look cool on botb

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