ZX and Atari ST chiptunes at gamedev conference in Slovakia :->
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Last weekend (30-09-2017) we played a chiptune concert for the visitors of gamedev conference of Slovak University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava.
Quite a nice event. Mostly we played ZX Spectrum micromusic (YM/AY) but also Atari ST stuff (the same chip) and Pinokio added something form his ATARI 130XE.
As usual - live synths and live drums were present, along with several projections of 8-bit games and demos on bigscreens and huge oldschool CRT TV-set. :)
(a short fragment - the guy was walking with the camera everywhere, heh - the full-quality material is to be expected).
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"as usual - live synths and live drums were present"

so jealous. in some parts of the world that's quite unheard of.

we get lots of Des.pa.ci.to...on the radio...

rock on!

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