How reverb works in sonic the hedgehog 3 (& chuckles)?
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post #90950 :: 2017.10.02 7:59pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
there is a particular track in sonic 3: the theme for HYDROCITY, ACT 2.
i noticed the lead melody has a certain reverb to it that reinforces the feel of being in an enclosed space full of water and walls.
Does that reverb come from triggering two 4-OP channels with the same parameters and over 50ms apart or is there some kind of special technique or feature that allows reverb over a single channel?
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post #90951 :: 2017.10.02 8:14pm
inb4 a botbr ragequit
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post #91169 :: 2017.10.10 1:20pm
I would assume it's using two channels -- could be using two different instruments tho or two different pitches or both.
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post #91172 :: 2017.10.10 2:48pm
  MiDoRi and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Regular fakeverb, two channels, one played slightly after another and with a detune or slightly different sound.

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