How do you organize your samples?
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post #90897 :: 2017.09.30 11:49pm
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How do you organize your sampl
very badly
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post #90899 :: 2017.09.30 11:57pm
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post #90901 :: 2017.10.01 12:46am :: edit 2017.10.01 12:47am
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FL Studio (Bitpacks and Major Bitpacks folder)
DOS Module (my samples folder)
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post #90902 :: 2017.10.01 12:54am
Jesus Christ.MID? do tell...
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post #90904 :: 2017.10.01 3:53am :: edit 2017.10.01 3:54am
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I only keep my protracker sample collection in folders named ST-XX photon-samples1 and 2 in the program folder; i wish i had good non-amiga hi-fi ones ;-;
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post #90906 :: 2017.10.01 7:50am :: edit 2017.10.01 7:51am
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Jesus Christ.mp3

cc Charlotte
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post #90907 :: 2017.10.01 9:08am
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By game that I rip the samples from. Some sound engines neatly index the samples for a certain number in memory, others don't.
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post #90909 :: 2017.10.01 10:42am
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I organize them by place in time. I find it overwhelming to keep all my kicks together or all of my curcuit bending glitches or whatever. If I get them from someone or somewhere else, it stays in a folder with the source, named. If I recorded them myself, folders that pertain to the session go into a folder for the year.
The only thing I suck at is finding where some of the stuff I made between 2011 - 2014 is. Soundfonts and EXS24 instruments that point to files hiding in god only knows where.

Floppy samples are a fucking free-for-all though...
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post #90910 :: 2017.10.01 11:48am :: edit 2017.10.01 11:49am
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at one point I actually tried to organize my folder instead of just extracting all the packs to the same level but I gave up halfway through, which is why you see folders like "Drum Machines", "Misc Samples", "Misc Sample Packs", "Soundfonts"
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post #90911 :: 2017.10.01 12:03pm
nice CLI, VinCMG! :D what is that browser you are on? :o
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post #90913 :: 2017.10.01 1:02pm
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I have 3-4 folders all with the same name scattered around different folders with some holding up to 7 duplicates of the same sample with different names.
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post #90915 :: 2017.10.01 2:03pm :: edit 2017.10.01 2:04pm
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I have a global folder for resources on my first data drive, dividing modern and chiptune content. Within these subfolders I have sample archives categorized per system / file format and then categorized per game, or other source.

With having a global folder I can just plop foldershortcuts down and not have everything all over the place.
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post #90916 :: 2017.10.01 2:06pm
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@ViLXDRYAD ranger running in urxvt!
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post #90923 :: 2017.10.01 4:30pm :: edit 2017.10.01 4:30pm
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i usually just load them directly outta other modules

edit: ow vince how do you read that blue text?
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post #90926 :: 2017.10.01 6:07pm
I dunno I guess my laptop screen's color settings are just right that it's not very painful to me (wouldn't wanna read a magazine article in that color though)
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post #90931 :: 2017.10.01 9:03pm
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in a single pile
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post #90932 :: 2017.10.02 1:57am
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post #90935 :: 2017.10.02 6:51am
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Why would you organize samples at all? It's not like they can be reused.
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post #90940 :: 2017.10.02 9:44am
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FR E SH A VOCA DO voice sample is the only valid sample
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post #90971 :: 2017.10.04 3:02am
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At one point I had folders for every source (synth modules and disks).. Now it goes into a Perc, Synth, Orch, Bass, Vocal, Beats or Effects folder divided into sub-categories.

I've never known where to put orch hits though, I have a lot of them scattered
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post #90984 :: 2017.10.04 11:56am
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I personally put all my orch hits in the 'stabs' folder along with rave hits and chord samples since they more or less serve the same purpose. I put all other orchestral elements inside a 'wind' and 'strings' folder.
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post #91006 :: 2017.10.06 4:57am
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There are two ways: the major way is by source, which is mainly the compo I got them from. Because of this, I have many duplicates.

When I discovered that I no longer have the source material to recreate my first two albums and even a few songs, I also started keeping vital sounds along with the project files for safe keeping. This means that there are some sounds that I have saved 4 or 5 times, just in case.
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post #91016 :: 2017.10.06 12:37pm
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I have a folder called "drum samples and shit" that theoretically should be used for this purpose, but my computer is somewhat dead and my downloads folder has very many files in it so it takes a long time to fully open, so it's too tedious for me to grab my wav files from the downloads folder and stick it in the samples folder
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post #91017 :: 2017.10.06 1:22pm
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Now I feel like an idiot
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post #91018 :: 2017.10.06 1:39pm :: edit 2017.10.06 1:39pm
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post #91584 :: 2017.10.25 8:05am
Most of the time I try to categorize them by source
, sometimes applying deliberate mixed approach though (like, in case of drums).
Also there are high chances for copies lurking around, since I don't extract samps from modules and don't do duplicate checks (does anyone do that actually???)
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post #91594 :: 2017.10.25 10:38am
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VinCMG: Love the coda string env.iti. I actually call that type of string the "codastring", lol.
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post #91813 :: 2017.11.04 10:11am
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Year > Collection Name - by who > then potentially sub folders that suit that collection... sometimes an 8bit Optimized for Amiga where I'll keep the original masters in same folder. :-) Simple but works.
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post #92073 :: 2017.11.12 6:05am
that about it
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post #92151 :: 2017.11.15 12:19am :: edit 2017.11.15 12:39am
There are 33 main folders, 141 sub folders, and 3,202 files total in my "Instruments" folder. The main folder directory is organized with a collection name based on the artist of the samples, proprietary folder from a source (e.g., for a specific song, or if I create my own samples. It's not *highly* optimal, but getting a little lost creates a tendency to explore and find things I might not otherwise have found.
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post #92155 :: 2017.11.15 3:40am
I will never understand why people do that to themselves and use Japanese-localized Windows, those path separators look so horrible
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post #92158 :: 2017.11.15 8:03am
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i once did because i was into learning japanese

trust me, doesn't work ;-;
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post #92174 :: 2017.11.15 6:49pm
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You guys don't just make all your samples from scratch every time you start a new file?
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post #92189 :: 2017.11.16 11:53pm
@MiDoRi one of PxTone's many wonderful little limitations lmbo ;(
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post #92199 :: 2017.11.17 10:35pm
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I don't
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post #92212 :: 2017.11.18 7:41am
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They're not really organized in any particular fashion on my end. Alphabetically would be the best way to put it, and they're usually not even stored in their own folders (or, if they're from a collection of WAV/AIFF files, they're just left in their original extracted folders). However, I do recycle samples from other modules I have made (I also make limited use of samples from other modules, but I mostly don't go for it), and lately if I have been exclusively using samples extracted from soundfonts as SNES samples, I put them in a leftover IT file that has the original loop point.

There are exceptions to this rule, though. Samples ripped from the SNES games are stored in a folder sorted by game and, depending on how the IDs are organized in the game itself and in the SPCs themselves, I may sort them out into "sets".

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