joogle reboob inquiry
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those of you who were active in 2013-2014 probably remember a section on my personal website that was colloquially called "joogle". this website used static data scraped from botb to display a variety of stats on botbrs, from Hard Facts like OHB vote distribution and badge progress (before there was a way to view badge progress on botb itself) to Arcane Mystery Data like "nemeses" and D&D-style attribute scores. also an unofficial ladder based on recent OHB performance.

i stopped maintaining joogle in 2015 due to changes in the botb html (broke scraping) and because vote logs became private and i didn't have enough interest to fix either of these problems. but now that botb has an API there are new opportunities for more stable and more detailed data collection.

i have a bunch of software work incoming but i'd also like to make time for a joogle reboot reboob if people are interested. my question to interested parties is: what kind of features/info would you want?
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post #90570 :: 2017.09.17 9:24pm
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The calendar of activity per botbr was super sick, github style
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post #90571 :: 2017.09.17 10:02pm
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How about how many swear words we use and how many based on age group?
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post #90572 :: 2017.09.17 10:09pm
every stat that this uses
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post #90575 :: 2017.09.18 2:55am
measure top 10 botbr avocado lovers please
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post #90579 :: 2017.09.18 5:58am
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rip tmanna
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A 'who can host x' query page

Also the accolades were a fun idea :)
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post #90588 :: 2017.09.18 9:24am
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you misspelled avocados
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post #90599 :: 2017.09.18 8:15pm
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IRC stats r bak
It's a WIP. the weekly, monthly, and yearly pages are set to update weekly/monthly/yearly, but I'm working on getting them to update with the main stats page as well (and being put in the archive and starting fresh at the beginning of each period). Setting up how all this works was and is a pain lol, lots of scripting
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post #90602 :: 2017.09.18 9:08pm
this is genuinely amazing, have so much fun reading those; wish more categories/sources are up to come =' D
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post #90603 :: 2017.09.18 10:48pm
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"B00daw is also a sad person, crying 0.5% of the time"

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Something seems off...
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post #90683 :: 2017.09.21 5:02pm
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whoops, my bad. i've now corrected the original post to fix the discrepancy.
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sorry i just kissed your asscheek accidentally. that also for some reason gave a li─ôk to your original post.
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post #98588 :: 2018.04.19 6:13pm
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I'm most interested in this for a potential return of BOTBMon (a Pokemon-like game... to some extent. The concept for BOTBMon was initially developed by kfaraday, and the soundtrack was mostly a series of 64k .it modules that were collaborations). BOTBMon used Joogle data, if memory serves me correctly. STR/CHA/CON/INT/DEX/WIS are the stats I'm looking for...

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