raise your hand if you like to play worms armageddon
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post #89872 :: 2017.08.29 6:00pm
  DevEd, TMM12, MiDoRi, stewboy and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
this was midori's idea but i thought i'd make a bulletin specifically about it. maybe start a #worms channel in IRC and like… even have a bot or something. it's been years since i played and i hardly remember how things worked but i would be interested in playing again.

partially putting this out here to gauge interest
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post #89875 :: 2017.08.29 6:49pm
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count me in! btw for those who do not know; worms armageddon is a game for fun; if you are a n00b to it is great too! that potentially makes the funniest of turns =' 3
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post #89876 :: 2017.08.29 6:56pm
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of course even if you are a n00b other n00bs will keep telling you to learn rope

also oh yeah i worm every now and then
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post #89877 :: 2017.08.29 7:01pm
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being bad at worms is at least as fun as being good at worms
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post #89880 :: 2017.08.29 7:43pm
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I played it at a friends house recently, and I have to say, us both being complete noobs at the game, it was an enjoyable experience, but I don't own it.

Give me your honest opinion, should I absolutely, most definitely buy Worms Armageddon?
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post #89882 :: 2017.08.29 8:57pm
absolutely most definitely? no, but probably yes if there's enough interest. which it seems there might already be
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post #89891 :: 2017.08.30 1:54am
Probably nowhere near as good as the people who can actually use rope correctly and intimately understood wind+bazooka physics.

Dimes I would wait for a steam sale.
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post #89892 :: 2017.08.30 2:28am :: edit 2017.08.30 4:43am
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i'd destroy everyone in worms (any h8rs will be destroyed)
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post #89899 :: 2017.08.30 7:04am
  sleeparrow liēkd this
I have it
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post #89900 :: 2017.08.30 8:17am :: edit 2017.08.30 8:20am
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Dimeback, if you're going to buy it, there's also GoG selling it with standalone installer (no external clients required unless you opt in for GoG Galaxy), and apparently it's much cheaper than Steam version (GoG 8.99EUR vs Steam ~14.99EUR as of this moment). Besides it's often on sale at GoG, I think i got it for something around 20PLN (~5EUR)
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post #89902 :: 2017.08.30 8:54am
  MiDoRi, Dimeback, ViLXDRYAD and Jangler liēkd this
i have WA and im ready to destroy you all!!!!

...cries in corner
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post #89907 :: 2017.08.30 9:50am
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there is now a registered #worms channel
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post #89909 :: 2017.08.30 10:58am
  MiDoRi liēkd this
i got the gog version of WA and as far as i can tell it works 100% in wine, no configuration needed. midori and i played a game w/ it using direct tcp/ip (and she demolished me) but i guess there's also something called wormnet that i did not know about.
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post #89910 :: 2017.08.30 12:02pm
  MiDoRi and Jangler liēkd this
I'm pretty sure I've accidentally bought the game at least three different times. I'm a smart.

Also yep, I play. It's fantastic and kickass and I'm terrible and that makes it even better.
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post #89912 :: 2017.08.30 12:45pm
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post #89913 :: 2017.08.30 1:32pm
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How does one accidentally buy a game ;0 Teach me senpai xD
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post #89914 :: 2017.08.30 2:06pm
  sleeparrow liēkd this
game bundles.
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post #89916 :: 2017.08.30 5:02pm
  raphaelgoulart, Dimeback, DevEd, Xyz, Jangler and MiDoRi liēkd this
as requested by DevEd here is a gif of my turn on the last round


10 years playing and keep n00b =' )
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post #89932 :: 2017.08.31 12:10pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
If this is real, I swear I will come back to IRC.
(once I find another 'educational purposes' copy)
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post #89937 :: 2017.08.31 2:01pm :: edit 2017.08.31 2:32pm
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Joinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! =' D
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post #89940 :: 2017.08.31 2:18pm :: edit 2017.08.31 2:54pm
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please don't link that stuff here vil, if people are interested they can dig for it themselves, or you can give it to people in pm--illegally linking files in a public forum ain't cool yo

e: thanks for understanding
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post #89941 :: 2017.08.31 2:35pm
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i edited it so people now can ask for the dropbox link to me via discord; i am against the idea of enslaving oneself for people who sells fun BUT i do not want to be a bad botbr tho =' 3 my bad = c
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post #89955 :: 2017.09.01 11:28am
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post #89977 :: 2017.09.01 6:51pm :: edit 2017.09.01 6:59pm
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not that i am spoiling much BUT blaze weednix is loser :)

so yea; no surprise both above gifs were us failing at aiming each other; in fact there is a whoe youtube channel with our cursed turns lol let me look it up

edit: here isblaze weednix's alt youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2U58mqWNYttM-PUV8JpKeg?spfreload=10 lmao
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post #89982 :: 2017.09.01 8:33pm
  Slimeball, Jangler, ViLXDRYAD and TMM12 liēkd this
Yes, Blaze is a huge frickin' Loser, I hereby confirm it. Officially.
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post #90126 :: 2017.09.06 9:07am
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I love WA. I hope I can get chance to play whenever everyone else is xp
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post #90128 :: 2017.09.06 12:28pm
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Be sure to come to IRC tho, since it's where we usually organize WA games :)
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post #90362 :: 2017.09.11 9:47am
  Savestate, MiDoRi and Jangler hæitd this
i'm more of a tf2 guy and it's been a few years since i last touched any current gen game cause i have no money and my mobile computer chokes on 3D stuff like a newbie prostitute on a glory hole.
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post #90363 :: 2017.09.11 10:01am :: edit 2017.09.11 10:02am
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BUT worms armageddon is fully 2d and is almost 20 years old =' 3 also hit me up on irc or discord if you want the full game on 1 link for "educational purposes" = )
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post #90709 :: 2017.09.23 7:30am
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post #90711 :: 2017.09.23 9:51am
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:Z I'm gonna avenge my Bandicoot tomorrow :ZZ
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post #90722 :: 2017.09.23 11:20am :: edit 2017.12.15 5:39pm
do not be mad, merio; someday you could win at worms :)

edit: o no, that's not gonna happen bb ;)
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post #90884 :: 2017.09.30 10:31am
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post #90886 :: 2017.09.30 12:13pm
hi helo :D we usually still play everyday! join us on #worms in EsperNET; i can hand you the game, hit me up there! :D
Level 21 Mixist
post #90893 :: 2017.09.30 7:16pm
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
I have the game, I just haven't played it with anyone. There are too many worms games and none of my friends agreed on one or they just don't like any of them. I mostly played reloaded.
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #90896 :: 2017.09.30 8:53pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
playing this game with friends is damn fun! we have a good time playing along with botbrs so don't hesitate to ask for a match on irc :D
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #93252 :: 2017.12.15 5:46pm :: edit 2017.12.17 9:09pm
the irc channel is still alive! :D in fact we had some amazing matches a while ago! lmao



we also set up some matches at discord, add me if you don't have the game ViLXDRYAD#0302 :D joinn! the more is the funnier! x3
Level 19 Chipist
post #93284 :: 2017.12.17 2:39am
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
yep, that and unreal tournament (and lemmings on atari)
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #93286 :: 2017.12.17 6:05am :: edit 2017.12.17 9:32am
ooo we also setup unreal tournament '99 yesterday with bazz on #worms! :D that game is a lot of fun too! x3 he is also a cool guy to play with! there's apparently other botbr joining today too, so would be great if you also join! x3 this game is a lot better the more people play too! ='D hit me up if you don't have that game tho x3
Level 19 Chipist
post #93289 :: 2017.12.17 7:11am
i didn't get it. are you talking about playing worms or ut?
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #93292 :: 2017.12.17 9:33am
  Slimeball and YQN liēkd this
both worms armageddon and unreal tournament '99 since lot of people there also wills to play UT'99 sometimes x3
Level 19 Chipist
post #93298 :: 2017.12.17 12:24pm :: edit 2017.12.17 12:24pm
are there any favourite servers?
edit: although i don't mean to hijack the thread
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #93336 :: 2017.12.17 5:04pm
we are still finding one the few we have played with so far BUT we are dropping some private matches for now :)

also we just made #ut99 channel so we don't clutter worms channel if you want to join there too! x3
Level 26 Chipist
post #93632 :: 2017.12.26 12:00am
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Heads up: both w:a and ut99 are on sale on Steam atm, for $3 and $2 USD respectively.
Level 9 Mixist
post #93662 :: 2017.12.27 3:39pm :: edit 2017.12.27 3:40pm
Anyone into AOE II ?

Edit: I would definitely play w:a btw
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #93663 :: 2017.12.27 3:53pm :: edit 2017.12.27 3:53pm
  RazerBlue6 liēkd this
i wouldn't refuse to try AOE II :) if is any similar to warcraft iii or starcraft i think i can learn it fast x3

btw we have a discord worms server now, https://discord.gg/63bZNh6 the userbase is getting big! and mostly botbr! :D hang with us! =' D
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post #93898 :: 2018.01.02 6:01am
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post #93921 :: 2018.01.02 2:12pm
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That last one, holy hell O:
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post #94162 :: 2018.01.08 12:03pm :: edit 2018.01.08 12:03pm
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post #94195 :: 2018.01.08 7:12pm
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LMAOOOOOO that video is hilarious in so many levels
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post #105762 :: 2018.12.04 1:29pm
  mk7 and DCT Master liēkd this
is this dead? I just got worms
Level 21 Pixelist
post #105776 :: 2018.12.05 7:53am
The discord server is still up, but the activity is scarce.
Still there's one or two matches happening every week or so
Level 4 Chipist
post #105784 :: 2018.12.06 10:06am
i played it once

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