steam profiles/group/anyone want to play csgo?
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post #89854 :: 2017.08.29 1:04pm :: edit 2017.08.29 1:06pm
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we should make a official botb steam group so we can find people that are cool:tm: to play games with, also post ur profiles/thoughts here if ud like

reason i created this is andre, drmerio, me (and occasionally tmm12) play csgo and were looking for more people to play with to make a full team, if u play csgo and are in the americas region (north or south?) hit us up definitley heres my steam also
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post #89855 :: 2017.08.29 1:07pm
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I thought we had a group already?
..also Dad Shower Simulator is awesome
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post #89856 :: 2017.08.29 1:12pm
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oh i didnt know that existed! it should be open so anyone could join it (it only has 7 members right now :c)
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post #89857 :: 2017.08.29 1:13pm
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does cs:go runs on windows 98?

i am up to play something BUT i only can play stuff that can run on ancient machines like worms tho = c
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post #89858 :: 2017.08.29 1:39pm
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Warcraft II? :)
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post #89859 :: 2017.08.29 1:47pm
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I don't see a way to change the group to open so we need to get Interrobang Pie to do that.

Warcraft II is fun!! :D
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post #89861 :: 2017.08.29 2:19pm
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i remember playing worms with botbrs way back. and then there was that time where we made our own maps to play on:
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post #89862 :: 2017.08.29 2:31pm
u already have me on ur friendslist jaem >C:
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post #89863 :: 2017.08.29 2:32pm
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post #89868 :: 2017.08.29 3:53pm :: edit 2019.04.23 5:40pm
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Playing games together with other BotBrs is a cool idea FamicomFarever, but pls don't forget about people who don't have Steam accounts (<---- this noob for instance) ;)

I'm not interested in CS, but I sometimes play Worms Armageddon and Xonotic (only XDF/Defrag mode these days, since I don't use my main PC for online games and the one I have it installed on can't handle deathmatch well, even on the lowest settings) does not apply anymore!

For anything Worms-related, we can start a dedicated IRC channel on the Esper, to avoid spamming main BotB channel with unrelated discussion, and as far as Xonotic is concerned, i usually idle in #xdf and #xonotic channels on QuakeNet, under my usual handle

Obligatory disclaimer: I'm a noob at both ;3

BTW, I think i'd be good to consider this a general thread about games from now on, and change the title accordingly, to something less CS-centric
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post #89871 :: 2017.08.29 4:50pm
wat is ur cs rank! i am lem
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post #89873 :: 2017.08.29 6:04pm
I don't really play too much csgo anymore, but I'd be willing to get back into it again. Steam is @
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post #89874 :: 2017.08.29 6:32pm
im SILVER ELITE MASTER (actually around gold nova but i mostly play with them so i naturally derank uau)
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post #89879 :: 2017.08.29 7:37pm :: edit 2017.10.19 12:11pm

Killing Floor is a fun game if you aren't into all that balls to the walls competitive stuff! I also have CSGO but I don't take it seriously at all, and I haven't played it in a while. One of my favorite FPS games is Battlefield 2, which recently became abandonware, so it's free to download and play online (expansions included).

If you're interested, you can get it here!
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post #89952 :: 2017.09.01 10:03am
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Steam is cool, but Fightcade is where it's at - player vs player online-enabled arcade game emulation. It's not all fighting games, and anything not listed that's supported by the ancient emulator it uses can be implemented.
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post #89954 :: 2017.09.01 11:15am
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fightcade is amasing ^
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post #89957 :: 2017.09.01 1:32pm
I hope someone will have contacted IPI until i return in 30 days
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post #89959 :: 2017.09.01 2:07pm
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post #89981 :: 2017.09.01 8:32pm
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Come wurm sometimes, Zlew
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post #89985 :: 2017.09.02 12:32am
me here

anyone want to play Factorio?
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post #90072 :: 2017.09.04 12:19pm
  TMM12 liēkd this
I play cs:go
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post #90079 :: 2017.09.04 1:44pm
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Play me in melee pls, hmu on irc or discord
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post #90081 :: 2017.09.04 2:50pm
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melee me as well
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post #90091 :: 2017.09.04 11:02pm
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melee it on me
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post #90245 :: 2017.09.08 10:20pm
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heres a discord server for csgo if anyones interested
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post #109907 :: 2019.04.23 1:55pm
Digging this thread out for practical reasons
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post #109909 :: 2019.04.23 3:43pm :: edit 2019.04.23 5:54pm
I'm up to play some laggy Wiimmfi's Super Smash Bros. Project M or Brawl sometime!

This is my friend code: 3785-5761-8246

Here's a video of my main, Mario, and play style lol, I'm not competitive, I just want to have a fun match or two every other time!

Hit me up here if you'd like to play sometime!, Or if you'd like help to setup your Wii or PC with Dolphin emulator to play on the Wiimmifi server; it works cross-platform!: Oli#3747
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post #109922 :: 2019.04.24 6:32am
melee or bust
also i highly suggest using slippi r18 for netplay, for both melee and pm
(and brawl, If You So Please)
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post #109970 :: 2019.04.25 10:27pm :: edit 2019.04.25 10:44pm
I am always up for some Bust-A-Move as well!

My laptop can't run Melee fast, so I only play it from my Wii, fortunately; I can play Project M online with it through Wiimmfi, though AFAIK given the Nintendo WFC netplay code, it always has some bit of input delay; but it's what everyone used at that time, and it's still as fun!

I didn't knew about slippi r18, thank you a lot for the suggestion! It's always great to know other people's setup for it
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post #109972 :: 2019.04.26 2:52am
why are there still only 7 people in the steam botb group? :p

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