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post #89238 :: 2017.08.16 3:18pm
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It's about time, isn't it? That is for You to decide ;)
I want to come over to the US and A and enjoy some quality time with some quality people. However i don't really feel like spending a whole year and the required money travelling across the continent, or even just the country, to meet everyone - so that led me to the glorious idea of simply making a community meeting happen. The idea popped up randomly when i was standing in the ice cold outside the hotel @4AM or something talking with B00daW when we MET IRL IN POLAND AND HAD A GOOD TIME btw. I am sure not everyone in here is radical about not meeting other people, and quite some guys in here would enjoy an event in the likes of a demoscene party but BotB style!
We'd need to set a date and place, and preferrably Austin TX because this should be also a gift for Puke7. He did this whole site and the battle system and all, he did so much and i do think this is a GOOD<3 way for giving thanks back, especially since the Kickstarter campaign did not work out. Also, Austin is relatively safe from what i know (?), the city is beautiful for a big city, and they are easy on 420ers HEH.
We could and SHOULD make a big major compo and have the resluts at the event - just like demoscene parties have the results of coding compos at the event. We could and SHOULD do some real life collab OHB doomage, man i'm imagining this and i hope Your imagination is as good as mine, because it would be AMAZING. We'd have to make sure to have some ambulance close because some people might laugh themselves to death at the sheer craziness of a real life group VS group ohbing to the max! :D
I would be willing to help financially, 200 bucks just for the place to rent and all, and easily another 100 for beer. That's 300 bucks without blinking and a (until now...) super motivated person already =) THOUGHTS. Also, to all the socially not-too-awkward people: Please say YES and give the shy guys a reason to come too!
Can we make it? Yes we c-*shot*
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post #89239 :: 2017.08.16 3:21pm
First poll is just a "would You come" thing - if there is enough interest and when some questions are answered, there'll be no need to hesitate about opening a "when are we going to make it" thing
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post #89240 :: 2017.08.16 3:21pm
no way i can make it to austin unfortunately
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post #89241 :: 2017.08.16 4:12pm
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make it my hometown so i can be a cheap and lazy fuck
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post #89248 :: 2017.08.16 5:40pm :: edit 2017.08.16 5:57pm
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i think last time we chatted about this that many of us settled on Memphis, TN being a happy median among the American BotBrs. puke7 expressed that he was OK doing some travelling.

myself, I like organic events that are capable of changing and shifting. I believe that most people like structure. The way it would most likely work would be:

1.) BotB Hall - Display/Speakers/PA/Mic/Tables... There could be enough patch cables to get some hardware working. OHBs could be directed by puke7/etc here. puke7 expressed that he was interested in doing scheduled events and likes schedules.

2.) Gaming Stations - People who want to put headphones on and escape for a bit while interacting with a few people. Maybe Savestate could prove himself with some Smash Bros.

3.) Party Zone - Drinks/food/etc/party games/costumes. Party zone should also have a bulletin board for hotel rooms where more discrete goings-ons could take place.

4.) Jam Zone - Bring your musical instruments/equipment. Create ties. :)
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post #89250 :: 2017.08.16 5:47pm :: edit 2017.08.16 5:50pm
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So... In this thread we, like most parties, should express when we come what were are capable of bringing. Some examples are:

1.) Food/snacks. Got someone who likes to make potluck food, etc.? You could charge a couple bucks for it. If someone wants to be generous they could bring a bunch of snacks/drinks/etc. Possibly if what you contribute is greater than or equal to the price of admission (with receipt?) then you get your badge.

(Gonna need someone at the front that either puts a whitelist or blacklist mark on of-age/underage individuals for booze when they pay for their tickets.) Maybe they get a badge? But if we put a hole-punches through their badge, they can't drink...

2.) Sodas/drinks/water/beer/wine/liquor/juice. Someone could take shifts being an unofficial bartender/soda jerk. ;) (They should wear a costume.)

3.) Computers/game equipment/monitors/TVs/cables. Got an extra system with some gamez? :)
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post #89251 :: 2017.08.16 6:11pm
  b00daw liēkd this
For the sake of people we should make it ~relatively~ structured, yes :D
If Pukerz is down for travelling a bit (confirmation needed), there is no reason not to have a more 'middle way' location =O
If by car, Golgi could take some people from the west coast along, and Ryaan2000 could pick up Puke7 on the way - but then again i'm probably underestimating US distances again hehe..
Tickets? I didn't even think of that tbh =X I would like to keep it as private and nonprofit as possible, especially since i'm not the best at handling and monitoring people about entry fees and badges xD You'd also have to dictate me a bit about US laws.. I totally forgot this age 21 thing! IMO we should make it as private as possible and not declarate it as a public event or something. Also tell the authorities that i'm conservative or something, they won't send anyone to look after then. OK stupid joke. IMO we should only have the alcohol "guarded", and just buy a ton of other stuff to drink. Or have people entirely be autonomous, at least after the fridges are empty ;) If there are other people willing to put in a buck (100) or two (200) it will work out smoothly - if i'm the only one willing to financially back this up, then it will be hard if not impossible.
I'm totally down for 2 or 3 sections, i'd fuse botb hall and party zone though (with scheduled or random hours of silencing the party zone of course, at resluts etc), like they did in Gdansk, and have the gaming stations aka chillout zone separated? =) So people who wanna OHB in a quiet area can do it in the gaming stations/chillout thing, and everyone who doesn't mind drunk guys yelling next to their ear while OHBing can stay in the main hall thingie?
I obviously can't bring much food from Switzerland, but i'd buy at the place. I'm generous enough to pay for much much shit if people are cool enough to show up =P After all i know the financial situation for many US botbers is shitty, and transportation alone can cost them much (or they're just not used to being so adventurous)
About beverages, see above =))
I can't bring much gear from Switzerland, but surely i could take a console or two with me. Worst case we're gonna pick up some affordable good old CRT monitors from some thrift store thing right in the city! The only thing that could get problematic is the projector thing... I definitely can't do this alone, haha!
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post #89257 :: 2017.08.16 7:58pm
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This sounds fun but it would be super dependent on the time and place because as much as I would like to skip half a week of classes I don't think my senior group project partners would appreciate that very much, and flying somewhere just for the weekend is stressful as hell
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post #89258 :: 2017.08.16 8:57pm
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With three months notice I could definitely get just about anywhere in the US, and Memphis is much easier than Austin (although the rest of this current year is pretty booked up)
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post #89259 :: 2017.08.16 9:12pm
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A half year notice in advance would be good probably
Then have a little notif maybe above the band camp box w a countdown and clicking it links to a post w more details (location time etc)
I would bring melee ofc
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post #89261 :: 2017.08.16 10:07pm
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i wonder how much it would cost to ship a bunch of arcade cabinets to wherever this thing happens so i can supply y'all with a set of candy cabs to play games on

(idk maybe have some of the game jam games on there?)
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post #89265 :: 2017.08.17 12:31am
I live in Australia. I can't fly to America. I'm saderooni. Welp. Nevermind.
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post #89281 :: 2017.08.17 8:32am
I'm sure "everyone" will find some 2-3 days off, we just have to plan ahead and thinktank the shit out of it until we found a good middle haha.. No worries ;)
A-zu-ra Your post was very unexpected, but i'm happy to read that =))) I'm sure we can make something nice happen, especially if more people are hyping it! I'm actually fulltime developing my game now and i suffer from stress and depressions lol, so this does gnaw on the motivation at times. Yet my willpower is bigger! The nice vision of having such an event definitely is bigger than trivial everyday problems. Anyway, no monologue now ;)

Melee and some cabinets sounds like a big thing already imo, Melee alone could drain us of all the IRL time we could spend together................................................................. hahaha! Would love to play some Melee with Mister MCNUGGETZ!

I'm encouraging all of You to come if it doesn't cost the world or Your life, we could have so much fun! We'd end up beating each other KO in real life fight "ohbs" and the others will vote. OK maybe that's the wrong approach..

Minerscale, sad to hear this, maybe it will at least open SincX' eyes about how he isn't THAT far away, at least not as far as he thinks =)

Man i'm hyped about the Melee thing now, i would do all of it just so we can play that game together until everyone gets a circulatory collapse :D haha!
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post #89282 :: 2017.08.17 8:35am
BTW: I'm totally OK with making it in half a year from now or whatever, seems like this is the wiser choice since we have to take into account all the different people and their dependences here or there.. Can we all agree on making it half a year after deciding and all, but undefined for now? If the date is more than 6 months in the future, that certainly makes room for everyone to figure out where they stand and if they can let their boss / teacher hang for a day or two =PPPPPP
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post #89289 :: 2017.08.17 10:40am
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Maybe next year for me, I'm down to road trip to Memphis from California. (Golgi, u dwn bro??) I also don't mind helping out. I can't commit however until later on, due to volunteer and other responsibilities I have...
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post #89298 :: 2017.08.17 1:27pm
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I have avocados to take care of
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post #89304 :: 2017.08.17 3:09pm
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Picking when has probably been the hardest. I totally agree 6 months out would be ideal. I wish spring break was a universal time for all schools. Summer in Memphis is pretty shitty. Also, we'll more than likely have to rent the space -- if we have alcohol and minors we're going to have to work out the logistics of whatever state's law so we don't get kicked out by the people running whatever space we get. I know in Texas there is a pretty easy permit to get which is required -- other states its just act with common sense.
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post #89305 :: 2017.08.17 3:24pm
fwiw it's generally cheaper to fly to/from austin than to/from memphis
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post #89306 :: 2017.08.17 3:29pm :: edit 2017.08.17 3:32pm
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if things work out well, I'm down for renting a large van and picking up people from PA to TN; and in between. other people around the area can do the same thing.

more or less the pick up/drop off locations would be optimized.
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post #89324 :: 2017.08.18 6:15am
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We could do in Detroit on the cheap. Flights are cheap and with 6 months notice I could easily find a space (most likely for free). Totally down to do Memphis as well.

Also, any Botb-er is welcome to crash in Detroit at my spot, pretty much whenever (-:
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post #89331 :: 2017.08.18 8:39am
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Detroit is easy for me (most of the time)

Why not meet up at MAGfest? It has all the things everyone is talking about plus original game composers play on a huge stage. I'm sure we could find a place to ohb or end a major.

Probably even set up speakers in a hallway and play the winners (people set up systems in many of the hallways and play). Or maybe someone can set up something with chiptunes=win and use the chipspace. No idea how open to that they would be but sometimes the stage is dead during the afternoon. I've met some botbrs there it's fun! I'm hoping to go and try to make it every year.
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post #89334 :: 2017.08.18 8:54am :: edit 2017.08.18 8:56am
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If we did it in Detroit, Kinkinkijkin has no excuse not to come, wow :D
LMAO, if we did it in Detroit, even SincX might come. It's up to You guys to decide where we're going thogh - as You surely know Your country, expenses, travelling possibilities etc better than i do =)))
Okay; can we loosely agree on making it next year, sometime after february?? ^_^

PS: sc, meeting up at public parties is nice, it's just not the dedicated event BotB needs and deserves :D If it works well, however, that might be a reason for event organizers to make some fusionized parties in the future. Another reason for me to prefer a more or less private and dedicated event is the fact that i'm highly incompatible with a big part of the US chiptune scene, let's not go into that further shall we xD.. *giggles* While i am merely cautious, others might even be shy about going to a bigger event and all - i think the dedicated event is the better solution for these guys too ^^

Looking at the map again, i must note though how relatively central Memphis is.. I'm gonna open the botb usermap thing now and look a bit into it
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post #89339 :: 2017.08.18 9:36am
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I think we picked Memphis because it was more central in the countray than Detroit, but honestly Detroit is a much simpler solution for me personally given that friends and family in the area.
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post #89341 :: 2017.08.18 11:03am
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I have family in Ann Arbor, so I could easily do Detroit.
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post #89343 :: 2017.08.18 12:11pm
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Detroit is pretty much the canon "home city" of BotB, so that makes perfect sense to me. I may even try and sneak up there myself.

The temptation to host Detroit XII at the same time is gonna be high though. Perhaps this is a boon. :P
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post #89359 :: 2017.08.18 5:04pm :: edit 2017.08.18 5:06pm
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Offer still stands to bus people from PA to MI. :)
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post #89361 :: 2017.08.18 6:56pm
As long as we can somehow manage the (group-)travelling stuff any place is fine, and i know Detroit is tied to BotB hehe - also i wouldn't mind seeing the city myself and maybe go Urbex there even =P I'm fine with Detroit! I'll write a real post / edit this one when i'm not overtired anymore =)
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post #89364 :: 2017.08.18 8:28pm
I could definitely get to Austin, TX if I didn't have my parents on my back 24/7. Plus, I'm still in highschool so ye.
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post #89371 :: 2017.08.19 5:21am
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i can't wait until botbwest
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post #89378 :: 2017.08.19 9:45am
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another benefit to doing this in a city where some established botbrs have connections: we might be able to get a venue for free or cheap. plus a venue we get through more casual means won't be subject to as many annoying restrictions/costly permits (NOT THAT WE WOULD EVER PROMOTE SOMETHING LIKE UNDERAGE DRINKING WOW)

but seriously, it's not like we're likely to get rowdy enough that cops will get called (and this is not a challenge) ;) and not having to deal as much with rentals, permits, and those kind of logistics frees us up to spend our $/energies on more fun stuff, like custom arcade cabinets, projection displays, sound systems, flying in strobe and ui, etc etc. :)

so i vote detroit for that reason, or austin if puke has connections there. the only places i can really help with a venue like that would be boston or NYC, and those are not really very central. but another argument could be that if a lot of people are flying anyway, it doesn't really matter that much as long as it's in the US (because i let my passport expire ;_;)
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post #89637 :: 2017.08.24 4:16am :: edit 2017.08.24 4:17am
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post #89638 :: 2017.08.24 4:18am this is what a REAL picture of detrit looks like, anyone who has actually been to the city can attest to this
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post #89639 :: 2017.08.24 4:37am
  goluigi hæitd this
In other words: golgi thinks Detroit is too far away.. But we can't exactly demand uncle B00daW to ride from PA to CA just to pick You up =/ We should probably start an IRC channel for this, i'll create #botbcon so everyone can discuss or idle and read there!
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post #89640 :: 2017.08.24 5:06am :: edit 2017.08.24 5:08am

Edit: Everyone who truly wants to come should join the irc channel so we can distinguish if there are joke votes
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post #89647 :: 2017.08.24 9:06am
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Call me crazy but San Francisco sounds like both a logistical and financial disaster for the majority. I know both Detroit and Memphis are much closer to the East Coast, but in my imagination I'm sure that (h|m)otel rooms and renting a hall would cost less than half. Or maybe with all the money Golgi saves on not traveling could be used to help everyone else out! ;)

I am well versed in Detroit's reputation, but no one talks about how downtown has lots of gentrification from hipsters. The horrible, nasty parts you hear about come from the surrounding wasteland in a half donut shape against the river. That hole in the center has come a long way. Honestly, I get way more harassed by the homeless in downtown Austin which is a boom tech city.

I know whatever location we pick will probably not work for most, and I don't want to shutdown anyone's ideas, but if the group doesn't side on SF then we shouldn't do it.
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post #89663 :: 2017.08.24 4:16pm :: edit 2017.08.24 4:18pm
I'm interested in urbex so i've watched quite some stuff about Detroit, also documentaries about how the city is getting revived again, so i'm not touched beyond the meme hehe.. I don't get Your last sentence tho, could You maybe rephrase that one? =O if the group doesn't side on SF then we SHOUDLDN'T do it? =O

I won't call You crazy for saying SF is a disaster btw, and i'm 1000000% sure low budget Detroit hotel rooms will be cleaner AND cheaper!
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post #89668 :: 2017.08.24 6:50pm
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SF would be a complete and expensive disaster. Plus not that many BotBrs are on the west coast. (Unless things have changed?)
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post #89671 :: 2017.08.24 8:11pm
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Most large cities in cali are butt expensive whether it be permenant residency or paying for a hotel / venue etc
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post #89674 :: 2017.08.25 12:31am
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dont live in SF it's too expensive (really nice geography and city scenery though)
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post #89675 :: 2017.08.25 3:51am
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let's all just meet in antarctica instead imo
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post #89680 :: 2017.08.25 8:49am :: edit 2017.08.25 10:22am
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TIL me, Jiyoshi, golgi, and VinCMG are minorities on this site :c
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post #89681 :: 2017.08.25 9:26am
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Hey me too! >:(
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post #89682 :: 2017.08.25 9:48am
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@Apsarah I simply meant that I didn't think most of us would think SF would be a good idea and we shouldn't do it because of that. If I'm wrong, and that's most folks dream location, then SF is the place to be! :u
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post #89703 :: 2017.08.25 3:22pm :: edit 2017.08.25 3:23pm
  goluigi hæitd this
Tbh i'll rather take detroit personally - golgi seems to be the only one fiercely saying SF ^^ Were gonna find a way golgi dw. Lets go to detrit and party dont be a stuck up loser nerd !!!!!! ♡
we need more voices here, you botbers need to speak up (as in, i still wont decide it by myself - yet ;D)
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post #89709 :: 2017.08.25 8:53pm
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what about iowa, we could probably rent out 10 acres of space for $5 a day
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post #89710 :: 2017.08.25 9:15pm
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Btw... I'm not against doing a BotB west... I mean that's an hour and a half drive for me lol. I'm just thinking that for the majority it would be an easier expense to do Detroit...
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post #89714 :: 2017.08.26 1:03am
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oh if SF is on the table, I'm connected socially with this space:

so could possibly try to broker something affordable there. *maybe* even some crash space nearby. should I do some recon?
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post #89715 :: 2017.08.26 2:06am
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WOW it would be great if it was hosted in SF and -

*keeps reading a few more comments*

^oh ^uh ^nevermind ^i ^guess ^thats ^cool
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post #89717 :: 2017.08.26 4:27am
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old but if we're talking about memphis we might as well do chattanooga because chattanooga is the best city in the united states
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post #89724 :: 2017.08.26 8:38am
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don't really give a fuck where it is, you know me. just can't drive if it's not near me. why don't we just look at that silly-shit botbr map and just pick a decent city just on the outskirts of the most populated areas of botbrs for ease of "mecca". xP
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post #89733 :: 2017.08.26 1:22pm
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where is the shit silly botbr map?
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post #89736 :: 2017.08.26 2:53pm :: edit 2017.08.26 2:54pm
  Apsarah and tfx liēkd this silly shit map linked (fixed)
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post #89738 :: 2017.08.26 6:08pm
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If we are going by proximity to most US botbers, Detroit wins ^^ I agree b00daw i don't even care where it will happen, i want people to find consense though..
Btw, please don't give me the "we need to do botbwest" thing - if we do it in SF, there's an even larger quantity of people in the eastern part who could act the same way.. You have to accept that Your area is overpriced (downtown SF has the same living prices like downtown Zürich, do i really need to say more)
xterm, Your idea sounds good though =) If You guys want to do it in SF, You have to tenderly bait the others and make it tasty for them to come as well. Until now it's just east vs. west and we won't get anywhere that way :DD
I still have to stress though that i now see Detroit as the perfect logical solution. Cheap housing, cheap place rental, not too crowded and loud, close to majority of US botbers, botb historical value, also urbex and the eminem movie. Also kinkinkijkin can swim over the river and meet us too! I don't see where the problem is golgi.. Wouldn't be the first time You've travelled a bit to meet someone/some people!
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post #89740 :: 2017.08.26 7:36pm
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wow so charlotte is in south carolina!
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post #89751 :: 2017.08.27 10:49am
(points to the non-zero bars on the 10-15 and 16-20 demographics in Baron Knoxburry's age poll)

unless you're advocating for children and teens begging their parents to fly them to detroit :o
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post #89769 :: 2017.08.27 6:25pm :: edit 2017.08.27 6:35pm
To be quite honest i wouldn't want children there anyway, and teens only 16 and above? I won't play mommy and daddy for anyone (unless they have a weak moment of course, i'm a nice person), and personally i don't want to take responsibility for a group of minors! This is beyond my pedagogic skill and also probably beyond my nerves ^^ Of course if 1 or 2 botbers around age 16 or whatever happen to live close to the area, i would never never tell them not to come. I'm mainly speaking about those who possibly live further away ^^ If i am not mistaken, minors are required by law to come with their parents or similiar - so if one of the younger botbers happen to have very chill parents or a big brother, they might come together haha ;) Taking the responsibility over minors is just beyond my personal scope yet, especially since i won't stay sober there all the time XPP

TLDR VERSION: I wouldn't send anyone home if they are old enough to be at a event/party/whatever where "grown up" people are letting loose (and very likely losing their sobriety), or when they are in company with parents, older (old enough!) siblings etc. I'm sorry if that offends anyone and if You happen to be a pretty young thing(TM), please don't take it seriously, i hated that too ;)

Edit 2:
If You're adventurous enough to bring a fake ID i may let You enter though, i like that attitude hahaha *jailed
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post #89775 :: 2017.08.27 8:45pm
I'm curious to know how the Detroit XI event went? Should the event we're talking about be like that one or different? If the event is going to be in Detroit what kind of venue should it be in? From my experience going to shows in Detroit the types of venues are: shady warehouse (I wouldn't even go), large downtown venue (very expensive), tiny bar, someone's house, maybe a hotel venue space (cost unknown).

What kind of show should it be and what kind of crowd should we expect? Just trying to nail down the concept of this event idea! Input from anyone else in the area would be a huge help as well :3
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post #89784 :: 2017.08.27 11:28pm
  Doxic liēkd this
I was thinking we would rent some kind of hall either at a hotel or a building where we could do whatever we want for two days. I have no idea what to expect for attendance until we name a date and city. I think even 25 BotBrs might be high.
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post #89816 :: 2017.08.28 3:15pm
From my personal experience, the highest concentration of BotBrs that I know of has been...5

It would've been 6 had I chose not to leave MAGWest early and went to their jam space where I would've met dw- as well

So yeah, maybe about 5x more than that could maybe work
Though I personally think that's still kinda small...
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post #89823 :: 2017.08.28 4:51pm
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how much weed are we bringing to get 25 botbrs high?
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post #89834 :: 2017.08.29 12:48am
you know my opinion on this

help me get there and im game
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post #89844 :: 2017.08.29 8:55am
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@Catears -- the Detroit XI event was not the best that we've had. Probably wasn't the worst either. There were some technical difficulties, but we got through it. Unfortunately the Trumbellplex was sweltering inside and the vast majority of the folks there were hanging out outside.

Making our hangout into some kind of show might be cool, but that's not the priority for me. It would be hilarious, though, if we have a room facing a hotel pool and rock out all the swimmers!
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post #89846 :: 2017.08.29 9:52am
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at any given time, 25 botbrs are high
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post #89956 :: 2017.09.01 1:26pm
I'm gonna be offline for a month, don't worry i'm alive :D
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post #90168 :: 2017.09.07 2:01pm
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post #90169 :: 2017.09.07 2:06pm
(arcade games)

you got my attention
Level 22 Samplist
post #90170 :: 2017.09.07 2:13pm
lolz, we could easily set up a BOTBVIP section and play BOTB tunes while the rest of the arcade/bar functions as normal.
Level 25 Mixist
post #90173 :: 2017.09.07 3:01pm
noooo i wanna play arcade games tho :c
Level 27 Hostist
post #90175 :: 2017.09.07 3:16pm
oh did that place finally open up?
Level 22 Samplist
post #90222 :: 2017.09.08 12:03pm
  puke7 liēkd this
ha no it's another place
Level 22 Samplist
post #90994 :: 2017.10.05 1:55pm
  TMM12, Xaser, Sinc-X, VinCMG, b00daw, Savestate, tfx, Doxic, Dimeback, Chip Champion and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Just got permission from Off-World Arcade in Detroit to host the first International BOTB gathering. We can be the DJ/Music for a Friday and Saturday. Let's pick a spring or summer weekend! (==:
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #90997 :: 2017.10.05 7:01pm
avocado mobile is too slow, i won't get there in time; next time then :(
Level 28 Chipist
post #90998 :: 2017.10.05 7:12pm
  VinCMG and puke7 liēkd this
host it tomorrow!! i'm already here !
Level 23 Chipist
post #91007 :: 2017.10.06 7:40am
cover my travel expenses and im game
Level 22 Chipist
post #91009 :: 2017.10.06 8:25am
  puke7 liēkd this
Detroit is easy for me B)
Level 21 Chipist
post #91012 :: 2017.10.06 11:07am
  TMM12 liēkd this
I could probably do that... Once we throw out a date I'll solidify it
Level 21 Mixist
post #91014 :: 2017.10.06 11:32am
I am interested!!!!!!
Level 17 Mixist
post #91289 :: 2017.10.14 4:36pm
  Lia liēkd this
I live in the wrong country. Sorry.
Level 16 Chipist
post #91290 :: 2017.10.14 4:49pm
oOHoooohh fun I'll have higher chances of going if it's summertime

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