I'm making a homebrew for the Sega Genesis, I need suggestions
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I've made a good start on the engine for my game but I haven't the slightest idea on what I want to make... I wanna make a sidescrolling game that is implementable with the engine I have but that's all I pretty much know. I think I want to make an RPG but that's not set in stone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the rom so far (basically nothing don't expect much): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-wgfED3PPa8NWFYeXRQWkdjYm8

I would love for someone to make music for my game, but unfortunately for technical reasons making the music isn't as easy as opening Deflemask and writing some music. I'm using this sound engine called Echo ( https://github.com/sikthehedgehog/Echo ) that is really good, but there isn't much support for it. If you want to be involved with making the music for my game you will have to use dmf2esf ( https://github.com/BigEvilCorporation/dmf2esf ) and roll with that. It will require some reading into to figure out but I would be happy to help out :)

By the way I'm writing it in C with this wonderful dev kit called SGDK ( https://github.com/Stephane-D/SGDK )

Edit: Upon looking into it further, I don't actually know what sound engine is best for my game. If anyone can preach for a genesis sound engine that stores music efficiently and is easy to write for hit me up. Mabye I could just go back to the elegant XGM sound driver ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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post #89147 :: 2017.08.13 10:53pm
Depending on the content and theme of your game, I might be willing to design the music for it.

I have been making thematic RPG music for Sega Genesis in secret.

And I even have leit motiffs used in various tracks just like in movies. It was my initial goal, to make an orchestral soundtrack that will run off the Sega Genesis chip set.

If you're interested in hearing, give me a Skype or other kind of IM number. I'm also on Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Hmmm... it seems that ESF doesn't support 3xx and 4xx (portamento and vibrato) commands. This could be problematic as I make heavy and essential use of these for my music. Is this correct?

XGM on the other hand seems very nice, except I am not sure how I can take advantage of those 4 sampling channels.

Perhaps a retro future sci fi RPG would be cool. Something that blurs the lines between Shining Force 2 and Phantasy Star? The music I make kind of sounds like that.
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O_O dude, that's really cool! I would love to work with you! I think the best way to get in touch with me would be through hangouts, but I'd rather not share my email with you publicly because it contains both my first and last name... So we could get in contact through discord PM or IRC though the latter would be more difficult because we would have to be there at the same time. So find me talking on the IRC or PM me on discord (@Minerscale) if you get on Cave Dingle. (Puke 7's discord - https://discord.gg/4RNhmdm )

As cool as XGM is, it produces massive files, like a 3kb dmf, to a 34kb XGM. Because it is based off VGM. A massive file format too. And that is kinda unacceptable when you are limited from 4MB to 8MB depending on how much you want to bankswitch (I don't).

I'm not saying XGM is out of the question though... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I sci fi RPG would be awesome. Although I was thinking about a side-scrolling RPG, a bit like the player controller of the rom I have so far. But that's also flexible because of how amazingly early it is in development. I do think a sci fi RPG would be cool, and I think I might make that. That's a lot of work for 1 or 2 people in their free time. It's not impossible though, just look at Cave Story and (to a lesser extent) Undertale, more people worked on that than just one or two people, but it wasn't far off.

And before I go, I'd like to tell you that you are pretty much the reason I joined botb. I was thinking to myself on how cool it would be to make some music for the Sega Genesis and while I was researching I came across Ocean Melody and I was so thoroughly impressed I decided to check out more of this site. And I was so thoroughly impressed that I decided to join botb. Thank you! :)
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Wow! That was quite unexpected. That Ocean Melody song is getting pretty old these days, and I thought it would fade into obscurity. But I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. I actually started a remake of it in Deflemask recently. It'll probably be while before I ever finish it though LOL!

Anyway, you'll have to reinvite me to that botbs server thing on Discord. I logged out of it, not knowing that I could not get back in. XD

I just want to shut the notifications off for it. It was getting a bit disruptive.

LOL! I just fixed it! I'm back in now.

Anyway, let me know if you got those PM messages I sent ya earlier today in Discord. There are some sample tracks there.
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post #89307 :: 2017.08.17 3:43pm
Hey, Minerscale?

I was wondering if I can help with your game. I'm quite interested!

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