Balloon Fight Game genie remix
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post #89078 :: 2017.08.12 8:25am
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Time ago i found a video on youtube that showoff some NES Balloon Fight's Game genie codes, one of those is not to be found anywhere else and it was one that makes the game produce a remix of its own music, and also is influenced by what you do in-game

the code is UUUYYY

here is a image of how to add it to most emulators

now the video is gone and this code is not to be found anywhere; i happen to had luck seeking in my old hdd's emulators where i did saved it years ago

though some botbr could find joy or inspiration out of this
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post #89110 :: 2017.08.13 3:38am
Can anyone upload a render? I'm not really in the position to get some nice bloops going.

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