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post #88689 :: 2017.08.02 10:07pm :: edit 2017.08.02 10:14pm
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MAGwest is the west coast version of MAGfest; a convention based around the demoscene, videogame music, and classic games. It is being held in Santa Clara at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Who's going? Hope to meet u guys there.
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post #88690 :: 2017.08.02 10:36pm :: edit 2017.08.02 10:36pm
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Hello me and golgi are going

Or at least i hope he's going bc i bought him a dang ticket
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post #88692 :: 2017.08.02 10:59pm
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We need a MAGheartland of America, it's lonely out here ;_;
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post #88693 :: 2017.08.02 11:52pm :: edit 2017.08.02 11:52pm
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|д゚)… play my shitty video game
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post #88719 :: 2017.08.03 10:07am
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when is it?
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post #88720 :: 2017.08.03 10:40am
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25-27 this month
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post #89010 :: 2017.08.09 10:15pm
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Forgot to mention I will be there!
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post #89383 :: 2017.08.19 12:34pm :: edit 2017.08.19 12:34pm
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We should probably figure out a time to meet up together and do fun things and shout botb inside jokes for everyone around us to hear

Also jiyoshi is coming to magwest as well hooray
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post #89384 :: 2017.08.19 1:42pm
  MandraSigma liēkd this
(steps to the Crunchyroll Expo side of the convention)

|・ω・) you can't catch me
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post #89626 :: 2017.08.23 11:35pm
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Wow I'm going to be in the area for a wedding this weekend

Maybe I can make it Saturday???
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post #89627 :: 2017.08.24 12:08am
Can't afford it. No transportation.
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post #89628 :: 2017.08.24 12:10am
my video game is gonna be part of a tournament on saturday if anyone's interested

apparently my school's designing the cabinet after it......... :c

come in on saturday and give it a shot
or don't, i don't really care
i'll be super busy on the crunchyroll expo side anyhow hunting down autographs and ACTUALLY GOING TO INDUSTRY PANELS THAT AREN'T CRUNCHYROLL'S
Level 17 Chipist
post #89629 :: 2017.08.24 12:46am
Aren't You a bit old for "hunting down autographs"? xD Enjoy the event guys, maybe i'll join next time 👌
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post #89631 :: 2017.08.24 12:55am
  Jimmyoshi liēkd this
I hope all y'all are coming to the 3-hour compo friday night
Level 23 Chipist
post #89633 :: 2017.08.24 1:25am
Dunno if I'll end up making it Friday but color me interested at least. Will definitely be there Saturday though!
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post #89634 :: 2017.08.24 3:45am
  VinCMG liēkd this
going to put together the pack for the live remix style competition once i get to the hotel later today. if you have any sample recommendations that are instruments or drum breaks (trying to keep the memes to a minimum for this one so magwest lets me do this again at some point) please let me know via this thread, irc pm, or in person (wow).
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post #89649 :: 2017.08.24 10:22am
welp there goes the possibility of having a song with the delin grunt in it w
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post #89852 :: 2017.08.29 12:52pm
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The submissions from the music compo at magwest can be found here:

The samplepack from the compo can be found here:

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