s3xmoditmania V: GHOST ROUND [enemy defeated]
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vote instructions: http://battleofthebits.org/academy/GroupThread/16635/s3xmoditmania+V%3A+GHOST+ROUND/#post88667

R3 RESULTS: https://s3m.it/compo/805



You had the lowest overall scores in R3, and so you are eliminated and may not enter any further rounds,, EXCEPT THIS ONE!!!!

FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW, the GHOST ROUND is a round where ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS and people who MISSED THE COMPO can have the SHOT OF THEIR LIFE to WIN IT ALL and earn a spot back in round 4!!! ONLY THE WINNER of this round moves on!!

THE PACK: https://goo.gl/6vM88B

You may be thinking to yourself two things,
1. wtf why is this pack so big and high quality
2. i am pretty sure u picked those samples yourself..............................
which are both valid questions.

And there is a reason.

This round HAS A CATCH.
You may only use.... EIGHT SAMPLES out of the pack supplied.
You can chop the samples as much as you like, and your end song can fill whatever sample slots you want, but only EIGHT of the 41 original samples can be used AT ALL.

Get creative and have fun :)

SUBMIT HERE: https://s3m.it/

ANYONE who has NOT MADE IT to round 4 is eligible to enter this round. Everyone else gets a nice one week break :D

Deadline is TUESDAY AUGUST 1st at 16:00 PT / 23:00 UTC

Good luck!
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post #88526 :: 2017.07.27 8:51pm
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would have helped if i had opened the compo Whoops

https://s3m.it/ it's up now
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post #88527 :: 2017.07.27 8:53pm
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post #88528 :: 2017.07.27 10:19pm
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does that mean my vaporwave alt has a chance to do dumb stuff again
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To whoever submitted the jpg: not funny. Even though this may be a side round, it's still s3xmoditmania. If you're going to troll, don't be a bitch and actually make a troll song.

This and any further attempts at the same thing has been and will be deleted.
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post #88538 :: 2017.07.28 6:56am
I think i just submitted that boon, I'm the 1st to enter a actual compo and famous now, am i happy now?
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post #88539 :: 2017.07.28 8:23am
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probably not
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post #88640 :: 2017.07.31 5:17pm
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radies and jentlemen i have some bad news

i got called in to work yesterday, so the stream may be a little late
i'm also going to transition into me playing rollercoaster tycoon right after the stream, so if y'alls wanna stick around and see me play vibeo games, feel free to stay tuned :o
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post #88664 :: 2017.08.01 12:11pm
less than four hours remaining!
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post #88666 :: 2017.08.01 3:50pm
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y'all get an extra 30 mins bc i said so
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post #88667 :: 2017.08.01 5:18pm
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votepack: https://s3m.it/pack/806

vote link: https://goo.gl/forms/opsSXwgMJ5kos68W2

same as last time, fill out the form as directed to vote. due August 3rd, 14:00 PT / 21:00 UTC
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post #89016 :: 2017.08.10 10:14am
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I'm really sorry I couldn't get an entry ready for this round :(
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[This n00b ashamed of what written. - BotB]

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