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post #86441 :: 2017.06.19 5:27am :: edit 2017.06.19 5:29am

It's a joke

But I am actually starting work on a Genesis game of relatively large scale. Only been working on it for a couple of days so far. And I made that to remember how to use SDGK.
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post #86444 :: 2017.06.19 7:31am
interesting start. :) g0g0g0g0g0 n00b! :D/
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post #86463 :: 2017.06.19 2:15pm :: edit 2017.06.19 2:16pm
...I don't get it.

EDIT: Lol jk, this makes me want to make a GENESIS game, what program did you use?
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post #86501 :: 2017.06.20 1:28am :: edit 2017.06.20 1:31am
I used a development toolchain called SGDK to develop Genesis games in C, not assembler.

Because assembler is cancer.

Oh, and here's my development log: https://minerscale.github.io/genesis-rpg/
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post #86509 :: 2017.06.20 8:50am
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assembler is your daddy.

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