feature request: pls bring back listen counts on a botbr's fav list
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Level 28 Chipist
post #86129 :: 2017.06.12 6:35pm
  raphaelgoulart, Sinc-X, johnfn, xterm, gotoandplay, Savestate, Ktcmoop, Quirby64, A-zu-ra and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
this was an integral part of botb and i am sad that i cannot view a botbr's total listens on their favs anymore ;____;

(maybe a pagination/view top xxx feature so not every entry gets loaded and also sort by)
Level 9 Mixist
post #86130 :: 2017.06.12 7:15pm
  raphaelgoulart, Sinc-X, Quirby64, xterm, Savestate and goluigi liēkd this
I second this request. Idk when it was nerfed but I did notice at some point and really miss this feature. it's nice to tell at a glance the 'ranking' within other peoples favorites and also my own
Level 28 Chipist
post #86131 :: 2017.06.12 7:36pm
  xterm liēkd this
inb4 "view top xxx" lol pr0nz
Level 21 Mixist
post #86156 :: 2017.06.13 5:56pm
  Savestate, Post-retro, Sinc-X, goluigi, Quirby64 and Jimmyoshi liēkd this
oh boy we'll finally be able to quantify everyone's self-fav narcissism!
Level 13 Mixist
post #86157 :: 2017.06.13 6:20pm :: edit 2017.06.13 6:20pm
  raphaelgoulart, Quirby64, Jimmyoshi, Sinc-X and goluigi liēkd this
completely agree! mostly because i liked to look back and see the obnoxious play counts that some songs racked up.
Level 28 Chipist
post #86191 :: 2017.06.14 1:01pm
  raphaelgoulart and Sinc-X liēkd this
  xterm hæitd this
Level 16 Mixist
post #86362 :: 2017.06.16 6:01pm
  goluigi liēkd this
bump bump
Level 28 Chipist
post #86384 :: 2017.06.17 4:58pm
  goluigi liēkd this
what vincmg said and i support bringing this back

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