doom music sequencer (?)
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post #84076 :: 2017.05.17 11:38pm :: edit 2017.05.18 12:17am
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so my brain just took a shit and i'm wondering how to wipe it properly...

so a doom WAD can contain a global MIDI (MUS)... basically everything else is environment data of structures, switches and spawns.

is there any way to create a room that -- with its structure, switches, and spawns -- could possibly (and elegantly) make automated music with its stock samples to sound harmonious with the MIDI (MUS) while your player sits back in god mode?
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post #84077 :: 2017.05.17 11:45pm
Mario pants


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post #84078 :: 2017.05.17 11:50pm
i don't know specifically, but it seems like with enough effort it could be done. if emulation timings are inconsistent though, then your wad might only sound right with a certain engine...
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post #84079 :: 2017.05.18 12:10am :: edit 2017.05.18 12:12am
yeah... i guess dosbox with a particular cpu conf and system spec should be reliable enough? are native engines more reliable? frankly, i'm not experienced enough on doom; except for DOS machines in the 90's.

(thought about something...) it depends on the marine being able to be spawned onto a ledge; so that he slips off and makes timed grunting sounds (in relation to midi start-up) perpetually until he falls into a warp.
then goes into a copy room. each of these copy rooms has a boxed-in demon that calls the "i see you" sample.

the midi composition could be tweaked slightly with the dynamics of the engine on the fly.

viable? lunacy?
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post #84085 :: 2017.05.18 3:01am :: edit 2017.05.18 3:01am
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Vanilla doom nope, boom perhaps with voodoo dolls/scrolling floors but it would be a nightmare to create and time anything worthwhile, zdoom easily with scripts but at that point you may as well just script in the sounds directly or just make a sexmodit with the samples. In fact one of the music tracks in mock2.wad actually does exactly this - recreates a doom2 track with the doom gun sounds as instruments.
I might give boom a go sometime if I hate myself enough, see what's possible.
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post #84093 :: 2017.05.18 10:50am
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lunacy but don't let that stop you
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post #84113 :: 2017.05.18 7:13pm
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There's one particular transcendent Doom wad (spacedm5) that contains a scripted dancefloor of mecha-awesome, so there's that.

But yeah, if you're willing to bump it up to Boom format, you could technically attempt to script a music-song using voodoo dolls and conveyor belts, but that in comparison makes MML look like transferring thoughts onto sheet music. Shit's cray, yo.

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