sega sound emulation effects limitations?
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post #84000 :: 2017.05.16 3:03am
So I'm learning about deflemask and I'm using fmdrive in my DAW but I'm unsure about the limitations that sega sound chip has, I mean can it do reverb? Echo? Compressor, chorus etc

I'm working on a track and I'm actually really satisfied with it so far, I would even say that it might be my best one so far but I've added effects like reverb on a lot of my tracks and delay etc.

I guess I just want it to sound as authentic as possible.

This guy seems to know what he's doing and it seems that he uses effects.

By the way deflemask is making so much more sense now :)
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post #84179 :: 2017.05.20 8:24am :: edit 2017.05.20 8:25am
i dont think any soundchip can do reverb chorus echo like DAWs do, but they can be improvised. you can do echo by pasting the content of one channel into another channel, delaying it and lowering its volume, but you'll lose one of the 6 fm (or 3 square wave) channels for it.
chorus you can sort of replicate if you duplicate the main track and detune the duplicate slightly. but once again you'll waste an entire channel just for that effect.
i listened a few seconds of the song you linked and im not entirely sure its authentic. i didnt pay much attention though, as im typing this during the warmup of a csgo match
so yeah, you can do a few tricks but not as easily as on a DAW, and not as many. also since genesis is a fm synth based chip you can probably replicate low pass/hi pass filter by messing with the volumes of the operators
im not sure i've been entirely clear (or if im entirely correct), if you have any questions feel free to ask

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