Macron Président!
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Because french politics matter
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Good for France that it got a centrist president
I wish the same for Poland ;-;
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post #83523 :: 2017.05.07 12:31pm
Meanwhile, no French BotBrs are even in this thread (yet). :p
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Good, let us all still be united in this union and together we stay strong.

European Union stills needs to reform though
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Quirby64, I am french.

i live in switzerland only for my studies :)
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France shall live another 5 years ;)
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Vive l'europe! l'Hymne à la joie!!
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perso je préfère les Macarons ^___^
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omelette du fromage
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post #83544 :: 2017.05.08 2:07am
je suis charlie
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I do not support the Establishment in any form.
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It's always better to have a macron president than a micron president.
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post #83890 :: 2017.05.14 3:37pm
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im very glad macron won
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Feeling good for all you people with sane/fair government which don't mess with people's lives.
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post #83964 :: 2017.05.15 2:47pm
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And people in our countries still find many ways to complain and call to populism, just like if there was an urge to make things worse democracy wise..
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Deus Vult, legionnaires! Let us unite in brotherhood once again and defend the (((values))) of our glorious (((modern western civilization))) against that totally unsimiliar other religion from the middle east. Vote [insert controlled opposition (((modern european right-wing party)))]! There is always a political solution! DEUS VULT!

Oops wrong movie~ sheeiit
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politicians are the symptom of systematic incompetence and personal insecurities. take care of yourself and those around you.

politicians (and their business cohorts) support/create problems/fear and sell solutions/"security". the price is liberty, experience and knowledge.

being offended is the appropriate response for someone who has self worth. indifference is the affect of submission and self-doubt.

true indifference is the sentiment toward the politician (and bedfellows); as their position is irrelevant to your well-being, self-worth, and happiness. :)
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Lmao Schall
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post #84034 :: 2017.05.16 3:56pm
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i want vot bolsonaro president 20018
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post #84036 :: 2017.05.16 5:18pm
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Will you even be around that long?
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post #84039 :: 2017.05.16 5:27pm
stuck a feather in his cap and called it
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That plot twist when RUSSIA is one of the few countries in Europe (yes yes not all of it is in Europe - anyway) where You can actually live a self-sustained life in nature, and many nature lovers and "right wing" people from all around Europe migrate there so they're out of the EU-hellhole and in a more homogenous setting. Europe is not USA and it is SUPPOSED to be homogenous, however this is certainly not the plan of the global elite. And preventing their plan is not a goal achievable by political means. Stop thinking some politician will do the job for You - no matter what You think is right. Before any SJWs show up: No, i don't believe in socialism, therefore You can't call me Your standard funny strategical things. You people who only see black and white, left and right, are the real fascists ;) I'm not a supremacist - i'm a separatist, isolationist, tribalist. Call it whatever You want. Roots n sheit. Y'know? I don't care about other "races" and other nations' businesses, i don't want to conquer anyone, i don't want to force my belief on anyone. The opposite is the case. In fact i am all for doing it Edo-style and to revive a natural society via isolation. Which is why Eastern Europe and Russia is good for Europeans who like their tribes. The matrix does not want people here to be self-sustained, You get terrorized by the system day in, day out. You can't just go and build a nice shack out there in the nature, even if You own the land. Switzerland is extreme at that, so yes in my eyes Russia is pure heaven regarding that. You need a license to fish at every single little pond, only 2-3 lakes are free to fish for everyone. Yes, it needs regulations because there are too many people. The regulations are fine, the overpopulation is the problem. My country is tiny, there is no free space for anyone to be free (unless they are millionaires, of course ^_~). Only city people and "leftists" dislike to live in Russia, at least that is my personal experience from talking to people. At least Your women are safe out in the nowhere in their villages. Oh-so-supergood heavenly Middle/Western Europe is spiritually and culturally ruined, we have all the material riches in the world but no actual freedom and no heart. People here don't stand together, brothers fight day by day. You would miss Your Slav brothers and sisters if You leave, believe me. Even the gopniks have more sense for standing together haha. It's exceptionally nice here if Your absolute wish is to just live a carefree life in the matrix, but many of us want to get out of here actually. The golden cage looks nice from the outside, but it's lonely here ;)

PS: France allows homeschooling children - French countryside must be heaven for people who want to be left alone by the globalist madness ^^ Switzerland allows homeschooling but only if it "meets the standard of the public schools" so basically if the standard in the Swiss public schools become "there are no genders, they are a human creation, and if else u bigot" i would be obliged to teach exactly that to my children. OR send them to public school where they get assimilated to modern culture. AKA become ashamed to be Swiss. And yes, this is a very real thing. Happened to myself as well, had a phase where i was ashamed to be Swiss because we were seen as "weak" because of our civilized, nice behaviour. Swiss kids in urban areas nowadays intentionally speak broken Swiss German so the foreigner kids don't see them as lame and bully them. They intentionally act like assholes to not be regarded as weak and getting (verbally or physically) attacked. THX Zionists for bringing all the PTSD Albanians and their heroin dealers here, good job yes, evil Serbia terrorist yes yes. Nice show. Good job USA. So, why would i want to send my children to such a public school, only to let them be brainwashed, alienized, and that they finally succumb to cultural marxism? Yes, i know, terrible bigotry.. But hey, You gotta accept that people may think different. You know, diversity n sheit.

TLDR VERSION: Fuck politics. Do what You want as long as You don't destroy others for it. Don't believe anyone will do the work for You. Don't be an SJW useful idiot shabbos goy and let people think and do what they want as long as they don't destroy others for it. Be truly open minded to different perceptions, but don't force Yourself via brain gymnastics to think like everyone else, just because they might call You funny strategical names ^_^ Have a nice one
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post #84091 :: 2017.05.18 9:08am
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PS: You can also read b00daW's and mootbooxle's posts for a TLDR version of my thoughts, but i just had to uhem get that out of my uhem system now ;)
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post #84146 :: 2017.05.20 12:46am
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I like you Apsarah. You are a reasonable and well-informed person. :)
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post #84147 :: 2017.05.20 12:47am
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"Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness"
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post #84362 :: 2017.05.21 3:06pm
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level 21 ideologist 9_9

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