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a few alt tags/hover text missing
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post #82958 :: 2017.04.22 1:55pm
  MiDoRi, Dimeback, puke7, Quirby64, Blaze Weednix, shinichi and Razerek liēkd this
in a botbr's entry list, there is no hover text for:
- major battle trophy names when hovering over trophy icon
- ohb name or major battle name when hovering over battle image

(ohb trophies do have the proper hover text)

in the source we can see the first issue is caused by a blank title element:

<div class="botb-icon icons-trophiez-trophy_2_3_s " title="" style=""></div> <div class="botb-icon icons-trophiez-trophy_2_5_b " title="" style=""></div>

and the second by a missing alt element (although i'm not up on the newest html/css standards, so maybe the alt element is deprecated and there's a new way to define hover text):

<img src="http://battleofthebits.org//disk/battle/00003233/artwork.png" height="48" width="48" />

on an entry's page, no hover text pops up either for major battle trophy names (using chrome on windows), though interestingly there *is* a proper title element for the link (just not for the image div):

<a href="http://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry/charge/23735/" title="Funk it UP SILVER gyration"><div class="botb-icon icons-trophiez-trophy_2_3_s " title="" style=""></div></a> <a href="http://battleofthebits.org/arena/Entry/charge/23735/" title="Funk it UP BRONZE funk in pants"><div class="botb-icon icons-trophiez-trophy_2_5_b " title="" style=""></div></a>

major battle entry listings have the same problem with trophies as those entries would on a botbr's entry list page.

(using johnfn's entry for Funk it Up as my test case above, because I just happened to be looking at it) :)
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post #83019 :: 2017.04.23 6:13pm :: edit 2017.04.23 6:23pm
  MiDoRi, xterm, Savestate and shinichi liēkd this
I think I covered all of this. Trophiez codes are nightmarish spaghetti monsters. Wow.

alt attributes are used by screen readers for blind people
title attributes are used in text-only displays
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post #83443 :: 2017.05.04 11:44pm
finally just had a real chance to check this. medals all look good!
but battle names are still not appearing in a hover box for me. :/

also, not sure if this has been reported already, but I happened to notice that in the case of collaborations, medals only appear at the top of the primary contributor's profile (not any other botbr involved in the collab).

thanks as always :)

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