Chiptunes 4 Autism Volume 2: deadline may 22
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Hey BoTBrs!! Volume 2's submission period has been extended. If you got a chiptune in any format that you can put in an MP3, we want it. We are putting out our second charity album to benefit autism acceptance (and no, we are not with autism speaks). Only requirement is don't make it over 7 minutes and make sure it is an MP3. Also the theme is positivity and power so make the title something cool about being autistic or something positive. Anyways, have fun and thanks for listening, maybe his n00b will get in on a battle one day.

Oh and please send submissions with your social media linkage to as our redirect email is dicey right now. You can also see our first compilation at .
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post #88866 :: 2017.08.05 7:16pm
I am in the right place I happen to be diagnosed with A.S. / High Functioning Autism. Props.

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