classical bytebeat renderer
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post #82706 :: 2017.04.17 8:45am
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[9:41 PM] DevEd: how do you even render bytebeat lol
[9:47 PM] ordinate: very carefully
[9:47 PM] (((A CERTAIN TRACKER))): idk record desktop sound?
[10:20 PM] HertzDevil: uh

attempts to replicate the "original" bytebeat player
. It is like the other script
, but this one is for compiled programs, and gives you readily playable WAV files without extra hassle. Binaries for Windows / Linux are available right at the repository.
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post #82740 :: 2017.04.17 7:00pm
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You can also use sox to "easily" convert raw to wav, FYI:

sox -r 8k -e unsigned -b 8 -c 1 -t raw <(./a.out | head -c 80000) example.wav

(Replace "8k" with your sample rate, "./a.out" with your program, "80000" with your sample rate * seconds to render, and "example.wav" with your output filename. Best to throw all this in a script!)

Who needs to write an export feature when you can make your shell/OS do it for you :D
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post #82781 :: 2017.04.18 4:16pm
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I take the raw and convert it into a wav in audacity
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post #83083 :: 2017.04.25 11:06am
Funute's solution + alias in ConEmu (if you're using Windows) == best

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