Spring Tracks 2017 and the next Game Jam discussion
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post #81747 :: 2017.03.30 11:00am
  RazerBlue6, Jimmyoshi, Modus Ponens, sleeparrow, Dimeback, shinichi, DevEd, VinCMG, DaJoshy, TMM12, jaemie, andres, Melon, MiDoRi and anewuser liēkd this
Hey, botbrs, I had said to many people that the next game jam would start at the end of Metal 5's entry period. Well, I flaked and forgot I had said that. Also I think I started SPC Echoes 2 in the interim w/o thinking about it. As it stands I'd like to start Spring Tracks ASAP so it ends by, you know, the end of spring.

I'd prefer to have a countdown leading into the Game Jam since it's limited window of knowing the rule(s) and time to complete an entry. I was also thinking that the next one would be 9 days (two weekends). I have two separate game jam themes lined up in my head already. So if we wanted to rush one before spring tracks and do another in the summer we could.

Sorry I lost track of this y'all! Let me know what you think would be best for the battle schedule and I'll do my best to accommodate.
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post #81748 :: 2017.03.30 11:02am
  RazerBlue6, Modus Ponens, sleeparrow, TMM12, mootbooxle and anewuser liēkd this
I'm currently crunching on my next album release for 4/20 and also my parents will be visiting me (for the first time since I moved to Texas 4.5 years ago) for 4 days starting on 4/7. Who has time for this site anyways!??! ;P
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post #81749 :: 2017.03.30 11:03am :: edit 2017.03.30 11:06am
  puke7, andres and anewuser liēkd this
"So if we wanted to rush one before spring tracks and do another in the summer we could."

I would be happy with this.

no stress man.
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post #81750 :: 2017.03.30 11:04am
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Oh, yes, and Blank is patiently waiting for me to start his audio bumper battle asking for 3-20 second audio snippets to be used in public radio segments.
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post #81753 :: 2017.03.30 11:06am
  mootbooxle and anewuser liēkd this
Also also, there is room to discuss if we want 48 hours or 9 days or whatever length for future game jams or individual ones.
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post #81758 :: 2017.03.30 11:44am
  Blaze Weednix, TMM12 and anewuser liēkd this
>hosting spring tracks before famicompo pico 3
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post #81759 :: 2017.03.30 11:46am
  Melon, MiDoRi and gotoandplay liēkd this
It's a tough choice for me since I've been looking forward to both battles. Could it do much harm to start them together, assuming ST would have a significantly longer entry period? That way people who have no interest in the gamejam can still have a major to participate in, and the people participating in the gamejam still would have plenty of time afterward to do ST.

As for length, 9 days is probably a good length, since it would encourage higher quality entries with far less stress involved.
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post #81760 :: 2017.03.30 11:47am
  RazerBlue6, Jimmyoshi, sleeparrow, ViLXDRYAD, TMM12, MiDoRi and Post-retro liēkd this
Personally I didn't enjoy the rush during the last game jam, I guess I'm not used to working under really strict time limits.

9 days would be fine, that'd be enough to come up with at least something playable for me.
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post #81763 :: 2017.03.30 12:06pm
  Jimmyoshi and Galak Sea liēkd this
A nine-day game jam! That sounds like a dream come true!
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post #81765 :: 2017.03.30 2:04pm
  mootbooxle, MiDoRi and Post-retro liēkd this
I don't have that much experience with majors, but I would prefer the huge seasonal majors to run alone.

9 days sounds good for the game jam, but I'm also ok with 3 to 14 day windows. Anything longer than 14 days is definitely too long though; those who can't dedicate a lot of time will lose really hard. Shorter than 3 days and only GM and Unity people can participate. :)
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post #81775 :: 2017.03.30 3:59pm
  sleeparrow, Post-retro and sc liēkd this
in 9 days i could do an actual game
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post #81779 :: 2017.03.30 6:04pm
  RazerBlue6, pigdevil2010, sleeparrow and Post-retro liēkd this
9 days seems a bit long but id be down i guess, just RIP school that week lmao
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #81785 :: 2017.03.30 10:25pm
gotta start to sleep
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post #81788 :: 2017.03.31 1:43am
  sleeparrow, shinichi, puke7, anewuser and Post-retro liēkd this
I was really impressed with the overall quality of the entries in the last game jam. If given more time, I'm sure some of the talented people we have here could develop something truly mindblowing. 9 days sounds like the ideal maximum (like from a Friday to the following Sunday).
Any longer and it doesn't feel like a game jam at all! I kinda like the quick and dirty aspect of it. 48 hours might be too short, but how about 72 hours?

Also, just putting this out there now; while I do plan on trying to enter with a game of my own, I'm making myself available to do music and/or SFX for any interested parties.

And Blank's bumper music thing sounds like a super fun compo, puke!
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post #81789 :: 2017.03.31 2:25am :: edit 2017.03.31 2:25am
  sleeparrow, puke7, Jangler, anewuser and sc liēkd this
Knowing myself I'd rather go as hard as possible for 2-3 days in a row instead of trying to budget my time over 9 days, but that doesn't mean we can't try out a 9-day period since there will likely be more game jams in the future
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post #81790 :: 2017.03.31 5:52am :: edit 2017.03.31 11:29am
  sleeparrow and Savestate liēkd this
I've never participated in a game jam, but wouldn't someone just push super hard for a couple days and then use the remaining time to fine tune, knowing how you'll always won't be completely satisfied after seeing what youve done after a day or so
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post #81798 :: 2017.03.31 8:40am
  Savestate, puke7, mootbooxle, sleeparrow, anewuser and Post-retro liēkd this
I'm so pumped about doing a game jam here. I'm terrible at making tracker music but I'm actually halfway decent at game jams.
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post #81799 :: 2017.03.31 9:15am
  sleeparrow liēkd this
|д゚)… i always wanted to make video games under pressure
|・ω・) hell, i did my art gallery under pressure
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post #81805 :: 2017.03.31 10:58am
  MiDoRi, NerdMcBoon, shinichi, Savestate, goluigi, DevEd, sleeparrow, anewuser, pigdevil2010, xkfngs, RatShack, null1024 and johnfn liēkd this
Knowing me, if we had 9 days I wouldn't even start on my game till day 7. lol.
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post #81806 :: 2017.03.31 11:46am
  NerdMcBoon, Savestate, DevEd, sleeparrow, mootbooxle, anewuser and johnfn liēkd this
I'll start it day one and finish it on day nine but what I do in the middle is a mystery.
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post #81846 :: 2017.03.31 6:28pm :: edit 2017.03.31 6:28pm
  sleeparrow liēkd this
prob gonna end up procrastinating until the literal last minute at which point i'm gonna literally throw something together

...or i'll make an actual game like I did last time. Who knows?
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #81849 :: 2017.03.31 7:02pm
  sleeparrow liēkd this
that means using your last game project and just add new stages? shame our entry even had an stage

if i pretend to keep programming sleepless for 9 days while writting code that has sense i must train with the avocado
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post #81850 :: 2017.03.31 7:11pm
  shinichi, Jimmyoshi, sleeparrow, Baron Knoxburry, anewuser, null1024 and sc liēkd this
sorry if anyone said this already but the next ludum dare is april 21-24 so it would be nice not to have a game jam compo overlap that
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post #81898 :: 2017.04.01 6:26pm
  Post-retro liēkd this
I think a 9 day game jam would be really cool. I'm really looking forward to it!
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post #83447 :: 2017.05.05 12:29pm
  OrdinateIsDead liēkd this
Any updates on dates for the game jam? Would be nice to plan around life. Thanks!!!! :-D
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post #83453 :: 2017.05.05 5:21pm
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post #83464 :: 2017.05.06 12:13am :: edit 2017.05.06 12:17am
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I can't wait to play ano destroyr 2.
Level 14 Chipist
post #83479 :: 2017.05.06 1:05pm
  Post-retro liēkd this
now with 20% more scientology
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post #83493 :: 2017.05.06 7:41pm
i too would be interested in a JAM GAME
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post #83494 :: 2017.05.06 8:59pm
  Post-retro, jaemie and RazerBlue6 liēkd this
Out of consideration for younger botbrs who still have homework I would like to suggest that (the/a) game jam take place over summer break (mid-june for most people?)

I would very much like to participate in one but I fear that I won't have time if I'm still in class

(I also asked another botbr a while ago about collabing and I don't wanna back out on him because of homework)
Level 14 Mixist
post #83497 :: 2017.05.07 12:27am :: edit 2017.05.07 12:29am
Something that disappointed me about ludum dare was the lack of knowing people. The event is so big that you can't play everyone's game. And that lack of community really bothered me. Now, a BotB Game Jam would allow everyone to play everyone else's game. I'm all for a BotB game jam starting next weekend :)

Also if someone wanna collabdong on a project I would be happy to ;) message me ;)
Level 16 Mixist
post #83585 :: 2017.05.09 11:15am
Level 26 Hostist
post #83587 :: 2017.05.09 1:35pm
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  Electronoob hæitd this
so are most folks busy until mid june?
Level 15 Chipist
post #83591 :: 2017.05.09 1:51pm
  Blaze Weednix hæitd this
  Modus Ponens liēkd this
^ if yes vote with liek, if not vote with haeit ^
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post #83597 :: 2017.05.09 4:42pm
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Right now I really miss that old site bug that allowed you to liek and haeit a comment at the same time
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post #83609 :: 2017.05.09 9:43pm
Two things I wanna add to what I already said:

1. I felt compelled to make that suggestion because the previous game jam coincided with move-in weekend for me so I had to miss it

2. By "younger" I meant both college-age and high school-age botbrs, but I forgot that a lot of colleges are done in early May. I have 5 weeks of classes left + finals week but "most people" might have been wrong.
Level 12 Mixist
post #83610 :: 2017.05.09 10:32pm :: edit 2017.05.09 10:32pm
i would absolutely be down for a game jam at any point - june or not. (maybe it would be good to use a scheduler?)

i'm just coming off that post-ludum-dare high and totally want to do another one. :)
Level 16 Mixist
post #83764 :: 2017.05.12 7:49pm

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