the addmusick cross-compiler
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post #80691 :: 2017.03.16 2:46am
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is the AddMusicK cross-compiler Lua script that I used to produce SPC atrocities such as this cover
. It provides minimal functionality that should have been present in AddMusicK. It is meant to make SNES chiptune slightly more accessible, since AMK's MML implementation is largely inadequate. To use, simply do

lua amkgen.lua <filename>

This generates an AMK-compatible TXT file which can be used by the AddMusicK inserter; the help.txt file has more details. AddMusicK can then create the SPC for a single song without requiring a ROM if invoked like this at AMK's root directory: (adding it to the PATH variable will not work)

addmusick -norom originals/music.txt

This script is no longer maintained. Use at your own risk. If I really get serious with SMW music hacking or SPC composing I might as well write an engine definition for MGCInts

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