ability to reorder/rank favourites? :-3
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post #75843 :: 2016.12.31 4:35am
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seems like itd b a nice way to show off ur MOST FAVOURITES, w/ some simple 10 or 20 (10 w/ halves) point rating on the side, replacing the old "number of plays" counter. wouldnt effect any scoring on the site or be shown anywhere else, wld just be a nice way to reorder ur favourites hierarchically, which me and maybe others wld like
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post #75844 :: 2016.12.31 4:38am
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tl;dr faves of old was too cluttered sorted by no. of plays, too cluttered now sorted chronologically (??). letting each user sort it wld be ideal i think
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post #75845 :: 2016.12.31 4:48am
maybe we'll make it so if you double/triple/x-tuple favourite, it will increase that song's MOST FAVOURITE rating
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post #75848 :: 2016.12.31 5:01am :: edit 2016.12.31 5:01am
  sleeparrow liēkd this
in fact! just to prepare for this, i might start doing this on my bio and see if it becomes popular. brb
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post #75851 :: 2016.12.31 6:05am
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I liked it when they were sorted by Most Fav ):
I liked seeing how many hundreds of times I listened to a song haha
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post #75853 :: 2016.12.31 6:17am
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  Yuki hæitd this
I loved that too, I wonder why that was removed 3:
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post #75855 :: 2016.12.31 6:20am
  pedipanol liēkd this
I think it changed to recent favs when pagination of favs was brought in
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post #75856 :: 2016.12.31 6:29am
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  Yuki liēkd this
please do not give me this option lest i feel obligated to use it
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post #75857 :: 2016.12.31 7:09am
  charlotte liēkd this
Great idea, i have amassed so many favorites over short period of time, that its hard to find particular one (CTRL + F is rather primitive and ineffective way to do this). Also, what bugs me most of all, they really need to be grouped by category/format, and ideally there would be an option to remove items from favorites, if you faved something (OWN SH*T, OWN SH*T!) by accident.
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post #75859 :: 2016.12.31 7:30am
ok i put some preliminary ones in my profile lol. (its not finished yet tho!!!)
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post #75864 :: 2016.12.31 8:02am :: edit 2016.12.31 8:30am
  Baron Knoxburry and Yuki liēkd this
see the future of favorites for some previous discussion re: favorites.

i think favorite order was changed to most recent when pagination was implemented in january.

edit: also see Faving bugg???????? and Self-Favoriting? and option to not favorite personal tracks.; these threads cover some related points that i'd rather we not retread unnecessarily. warning: that last thread descends into awfulness (and is now closed).
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post #75873 :: 2016.12.31 9:31am
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Favoritism is evil! And so is this neo-feudalistic idea of reforming favorites into a hierarchy!!!

I believe the current communist system where one favorite is worth as much as any other, is fair and just.

My favorites (and those of my alts, which I shall not mention), are not for my own bookkeeping. They're a nice gesture of encouragement towards people who made things that I like.

If you introduce ranks and castes of favorites, a regular favorite becomes less nice, and people are likely going to end up being a lot more defeatist than they already are....

I believe more than half of drama on BotB is caused by a lack of self-confidence. :P
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post #75882 :: 2016.12.31 11:41am
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communism sucks
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post #75885 :: 2016.12.31 12:12pm
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actually, neo-feudalism seems like a cool aesthetic
Level 19 Mixist
post #75886 :: 2016.12.31 12:44pm
i like this idea, charlotte. counter-idea though: orderable playlists. just a thought. that'd probably be a bit more work for puke than simply ordered favorites though.
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post #75888 :: 2016.12.31 1:17pm
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I believe the next step on that journey is refactoring the browser so it uses the current API client side. Then making that browser modular so it can be dropped both on profiles and homebunks. The step after that is sorting favorites for boons. Playlist editors and profile entry highlights both sound cool too!
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post #75889 :: 2016.12.31 1:49pm :: edit 2016.12.31 2:31pm
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BotB Pro: pay 500 boons a month to get favorite sorting, playlist editing, profile highlights, and an item crate every month!


actually nah that's a terrible idea
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post #75891 :: 2016.12.31 3:54pm
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i would use 500 b00ns for a monthly mysterious item though

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