I have a serious problem.
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post #75671 :: 2016.12.28 7:58am
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I am running out of melodies.
I am making a mew song to orepair for the next battle.
And suddently, music stop popping out of my head.
And after that, I couln't continue. What should I do?
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post #75685 :: 2016.12.28 11:37am
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try weed
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post #75708 :: 2016.12.28 7:30pm
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Take a break for a bit. I usually take a couple days off music stuff when I get a creative block and when I get back into making songs, I'll more than likely have fresh ideas!
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post #75709 :: 2016.12.28 7:30pm
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>tfw the collective struggle of all artists is now considered a "serious problem"
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post #75710 :: 2016.12.28 7:37pm
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I been running out of your melodies.Try to make a mew song first then come talk to me.That rigth you never orepair for the next battle and you suck at it.Dont try to tell me what to track and how should i do it. etc etc etc
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post #75775 :: 2016.12.30 3:51am
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TMM12 : Cool. well, I rested over 6 months and I never get a new song, I got only 1!
jaemie : Yes, it is.
naan : huh? sorry my English skill is low so IDK what are you sayin hehehe
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post #75847 :: 2016.12.31 4:59am
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1. listen to new music (as in new genres) you haven't heard before
2. go outside!!!! (例えば、山とか川などへ旅行するのが素晴らしいよ!)
3. do 1 and 2 at the same time
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post #75854 :: 2016.12.31 6:17am :: edit 2016.12.31 6:18am
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This is not a serious problem. Ride the balance of producing things and consuming things.

Don't expect yourself to be always making stuff at any moment in time. you might feel a little better about it.
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post #75858 :: 2016.12.31 7:26am
goluigi had the best new years resolution, i especially agree about 2. !
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post #75861 :: 2016.12.31 7:43am
number two
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post #75950 :: 2017.01.01 10:22pm
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goluigi:Thank you the tutorial!
gotoandplay:If you say so! (;´・ω・)
Ddezolis:Yeah, me too.
b00daw:We are number 1!
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post #75952 :: 2017.01.02 12:55am
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listen to high-density (both notes + ideas) classical music
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post #75953 :: 2017.01.02 1:45am
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charlotte:Nice! I will try(;´・ω・)
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post #76050 :: 2017.01.03 5:53am

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