Accepting Submissions for "Memories of 7SoSB"
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In preparation for my final Sevensongs of Springbreak project (I'm expected to graduate from college next year), I'm going to be creating a remix album of some of my past Sevensongs of Springbreak songs (7SoSB, 7SoSB2, tbodf, and Harutopia), doing re-imaginations of my old stuff in my current style and straight-up remixes of my more recent stuff. I'm gonna separate the album into two sections: "A-ZU-RA style" and "ANOTHER style". My remixes and reimaginations will fall under the former while the latter will contain remixes from other composers.

And that "ANOTHER style" part is where you guys come in!

From October 29, 2016
to February 26, 2017,

I will be accepting remix entries for any of the 28 songs throughout my entire Sevensongs of Springbreak project. The songs can be of any genre and style, so feel free to make your remix however you want it to be! You're also free to submit as many entries as you wish; I will hand-pick which of the remixes will be accepted into the final "ANOTHER style" remix album.

You may send your submissions here

Links to the albums
Sevensongs of Springbreak

Sevensongs of Springbreak II

the bed of diverse flowers
(Sevensongs of Springbreak III)
(Sevensongs of Springbreak IV)

MIDI stems for all but Sevensongs of Springbreak II are available by request on a per-composer basis.

Memories of 7SoSB will be released on March 5, 2017.
The "A-ZU-RA style" part of the album will be sold at a minimum of $1.
The "ANOTHER style" part will be a free download.

Current song list
(A-ZU-RA style)
???????? ???? ???? ?????

(ANOTHER style)
??????? ?????? ?????? by ????????(???)

In the case that there are not enough submissions, the ANOTHER style part of the album will be cancelled.
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Bi-weekly bump :o
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post #74520 :: 2016.12.02 12:44am
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Tri-weekly bump D: (I missed last week)
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post #74597 :: 2016.12.04 1:05am
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post #74705 :: 2016.12.05 5:26pm
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post #76485 :: 2017.01.08 10:23pm, I missed a lot of weeks D:
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post #76489 :: 2017.01.09 12:42am
Nice, not sure if I can get anything done still, but I'll look
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post #76490 :: 2017.01.09 1:11am
Postponing the deadline by a few days! (Mostly because I might be slow on the uptake for MY part of the album D:)
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post #76510 :: 2017.01.09 9:47am
By the way, I should've really mentioned this much earlier, but if any of you guys want the stems for any of Sevensongs of Springbreak, the bed of diverse flowers, and Harutopia, feel free to inquire me on IRC, Discord, or my e-mail at I'll prepare MIDI stems to make it easier for you guys to remix :o

If you're wondering why I don't have stems for Sevensongs of Springbreak II...well, I...kinda lost those on the backup mishaps in 2014....
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post #76879 :: 2017.01.17 11:30am
Bump! and yet another extension because I'm still trying to make songs myself D:
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post #76965 :: 2017.01.18 7:57pm
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I still have it in my head to play around with covering "Chill in the Night" at some point. Motivation is hard! :P
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post #76974 :: 2017.01.18 9:27pm
You can do! I believe! ヽ(´・ω・` )ノ
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post #77304 :: 2017.01.26 8:02pm :: edit 2017.01.26 8:08pm

also deadline extended by 2 weeks
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post #77326 :: 2017.01.27 2:04am :: edit 2017.06.24 7:56am
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I'm working on it nggg
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post #77531 :: 2017.01.28 11:17pm

and we have our first entry for ANOTHER style!
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post #78218 :: 2017.02.06 10:30am
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beep bep

Also another extension! (I think I'm worse than puke7 at this rate)
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post #78401 :: 2017.02.11 7:24am :: edit 2017.06.24 7:56am
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hopefully I can get it done this weekend(again)
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post #78512 :: 2017.02.14 2:09pm
After a long delay, I've started production of my part of the album! :o
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post #78950 :: 2017.02.20 5:24pm
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Less than a week until the deadline :o

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