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heylo! as acting irc moderator for twenty sixteen i've taken it upon myself to condense the large 19-rule original code of conduct into something more lightweight for the new kickstarter. anyone interested is welcome to review these changes here:
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Looks good, although I'm not sure about that /last/ one...
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ooooo these are some strict rules, i dunno about them
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(>Д<)ゝUnderstood boss!
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post #65172 :: 2016.03.16 4:58pm
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The story of how BotB had ONE RULE but it was way too grumpy and it scared off all the nice and friendly people THANKS A LOT GOOSE.sho

Seriously though, it looks off-putting to me, and doesn't reflect our nice and friendly community and irc channel.
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edit: i have affixed an amendment to make the rules look 'friendlier'. hopefully this reflects our nice and friendly website
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post #65176 :: 2016.03.16 5:33pm
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you get the iron fist or you don't get a fist at all
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why these 5 rules very restricted and stupid?
click HERE
and see it yourself!
rule 4 is makes you absolute feel rebel and you would rather organize anarchists group!

skip ad
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and so on and so on
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post #65181 :: 2016.03.16 6:33pm
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Welcome back zanzan, glad you're back in time to say hi to the newcomers!
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2. trying to cleverly circumvent the above rule or act against its spirit will also get you kicked by our discretion
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post #65192 :: 2016.03.16 9:18pm
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check Your priviledge OP
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man what if we added "botb chat rules" as a new format then we can truly democratically vote on all of these
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post #65195 :: 2016.03.16 9:59pm
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the #botb entry message has had "be nice and cool" in it for as long as i've been here, and that's all we ever should have needed. i regret adding that bit about bans at admin discretion circa 2013. it's gone.
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post #65196 :: 2016.03.16 9:59pm :: edit 2016.03.16 10:00pm
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Way too open to interpretation. What is normal to some is annoying to others.

Shit like this is why I avoid the irc like the plague
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post #65214 :: 2016.03.17 6:55am
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can we have 34 rules?

aside from that, im not sure if the rules atm is not just stating the obvious, but its a good rule regardless
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post #65223 :: 2016.03.17 10:21am
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Xyz, if you didn't avoid IRC you would realize it isn't as bad as you think it is nowadays~

If you don't want rules to be open to interpretation, then you'll need hundreds of rules, and bureaucracy attracts an undesirable element.

Anyway, the rules still aren't friendly enough:

If that doesn't convince you, at least explain why and how it is better than "be nice and cool" >:(
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<typed somethin up but ultimately the argument has changed so droppin the post>
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post #65231 :: 2016.03.17 3:16pm
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Nope, it seems EXACTLY as bad as I remember it

At what reward tier can we get all the mods removed?
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post #65233 :: 2016.03.17 4:53pm
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OK. Let's try to take this for what it seems to be...

1.) chartotte cares about the community and wishes people to feel included and that there are general expectations of interpersonal treatment. That seems cool.

2.) People like the community and try to test the rules that are/were set in place. That seems normal; as there are some general vagueness to them. As IRC goes in most to all channels is that moderators have the "sword of Damocles" and use it at their discretion.

3.) Despite tensions we're all friends here and have fun with our diverse and dynamic environment.


Let's keep it cool and nice; and not torture the ponies with waffles. ;)
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post #65235 :: 2016.03.17 5:35pm
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Xyz, that's only 9 minutes of conversation. Why did you leave out the other 1431 minutes that were just fine?

エックスワイゼットお兄ちゃん, ひどい!!! ;_______;
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post #65236 :: 2016.03.17 6:10pm
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Yeah, it was only really bad for a very short time.
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post #65238 :: 2016.03.17 7:17pm
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And yet you'll excuse his abuse at a member of the community if it's for the sake of "the community."

It is unacceptably bad and I guarantee this is not the first, nor last time this will happen.
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You're bikeshedding, imho. Everybody sucks at points in time and has unpopular viewpoints. Her operator status doesn't come with a '100% perfect human being always' guarantee sticker and money-back (?) guarantee. This is managing a chunes site, not a nuclear reactor, and as such isn't going to be perfect or consistent all the time. There's no Terms of Service outlining due process for what you consider to be unacceptable behavior, sorry. This discussion has already generated more harm than it's worth. My two cents.
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post #65241 :: 2016.03.17 7:41pm
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me being quoted over there allows me to expand my opinion; in first, the most relevant part of doing this is to give a op better pointers on how to act, thing that i have never seen because they or; barely are on, or simply bypass things, and is for this that does not matter how awesome looks the rule in the txt if there is no op giving the enough respect to it
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post #65242 :: 2016.03.17 7:52pm
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Xyz, I hope in the future you'll be able to forgive other people's bad hair days.....
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post #65243 :: 2016.03.17 8:32pm
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it's not like that @Rainbow Dash, a moderator must never act on his own and just for the sake of the community it guides, always being impartial and making decisions that regardless goes against his own concept of being correct, are the optimal decision for all the members of the community, this in order to do the moderator's job correctly, otherwise it do no favor to anyone to have someone that do whatever they believes correctly have the power to decide on any other
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wello everyone, how's it goin
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post #65255 :: 2016.03.17 11:06pm
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im ok fam; u?,
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2. unlike twitter, irc is linear system. you see, ivan, chat is pure form of text and information. you cant choose what you see and what you want to see. now that makes your shitposting into problems

3. sure, some people is annoying and boring but, that no harm okay?

4. (hey... but you want check youtube comment everytime? now that sucks!)

5. also! try dont do rude things like "funny" racist joke (U JOKE NOT FUNNY BAKA GAIJIN! WHITTO PIGGU GO HOMU!) or filled chat with thatnoonegivesthebullfuckingshitabout!


7. shitpost for reddit or imgur or twitter or idk

8. dank meme for boys, AESTHETIC MUSICAL DISCUSSIONS for すばらし貴族420SMOKE JAZZ

9. at least you can mute people, that not solution though.

10. see: rule 34

*1 dialogue context is messed up too
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post #65257 :: 2016.03.17 11:08pm
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oh! now i get it
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post #65258 :: 2016.03.17 11:21pm
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haha i have no idea what's serious in that post and what isn't but it sure made me laugh
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post #65260 :: 2016.03.18 12:49am :: edit 2016.03.18 6:41am
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like i seriously wanna trial you out as an irc moderator for a while. jintake, as long as you're verbose with your statements. wow awesome.

edit: this was intended as a jest ;D
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post #65262 :: 2016.03.18 5:14am
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hi guys I'm new here and trying to figure out the layout and gist of this site. I heard about botb through a post in another community I'm a part of, apparently there's a kickstarter and everything going on rn?

anyway, I decided to check out this thread for irc rules but I'm sorta really confused right now
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post #65265 :: 2016.03.18 8:03am :: edit 2016.03.18 8:03am
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gyms's comment made me think
people, think about the kickstarter and how 'random' people will probably come here trying to know more about the website and its ppl etc
i dont think that "the website seems cool but ppl here are arguing over literally a single line of text lmao" is a very good, uh, 'image' of the website to spread around
instead we have to show that we are a community that despite everything we have fun together composing, compoing etc because besides our difference the thing that unites us all together is passion for chiptune/music overall (or pixel art? programming? idk whatever)
also i mean this is literally one line of text, even if its subjective and/or open to interpretation its something that one can follow by simply thinking a little bit before talking, being cautious and overall not a dick
and independently of whether rules are subjective or not, in the end its up to the mods to do whatever they want (as in the criteria they use to actually kick someone etc), so if you're legitimately confused by this single line you could talk to them
honestly its not difficult at all lmao why is this even a thing

tl;dr be nice so kickstarter backers have a good impression of us and dont be a dick or you shall receive the kick

also this text is messy af sorry
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post #65267 :: 2016.03.18 10:43am
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I wholeheartedly disagree with the way the current rule #1 is laid out, and would prefer it to be reverted.

Why? Because the old rule #1 and the new rule #1 are exactly the same thing, except the former was worded positively and the new one is worded negatively. As simple as that.

I've been in enough Internet communities (and I have moderated and administrated other forums, as well as being an operator in another IRC channel right now), and I've seen a pattern appear recurrently: Negativity breeds negativity. We currently have a vague #1 rule that simply states "don't be a dick", but the way it's worded right now makes one think that people were acting like dicks on the IRC channel so as to require the rule to be changed to that. And... was that even happening?

Why not just go back to "be nice and cool" and have everyone... still be cool? If you tell people they're expected to behave nicely because everyone else is, they'll behave nicely. But telling them "don't be a shithead" is pretty much backhandedly telling them they're shitheads.

Either way, both wordings are still open to interpretation. However, the current one is more prone to drama (like the one we're experiencing right now) and more prone to conflict (see: the pastebins above).
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post #65269 :: 2016.03.18 11:28am
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I have to agree, the rule seems more accusatory than anything. If I was a new user and read the rule(s?) I probably wouldn't register. Maybe I'm over-reacting but I feel that way.

Also kf is actually Goose Gossage, confirmed.
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post #65272 :: 2016.03.18 11:58am :: edit 2016.03.18 12:07pm
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Ok, so I've been lurking for a while. SXSW is going on here in Austin. I had two gigs, friends are here from out of town, trying to get the kickstarter up and running, and I've lost two nights of sleep in the past week. I'm exhausted.

While I have been chuckling at this all, I have to say I really appreciate what gyms articulated in his post. To be honest, I even forgot we had some blown out IRC rule sheet. "be nice and cool" is fine by me (maybe even add a please to it?!?!).

I'm closing this thread so it can fall off the front page. I don't understand why something so simple gets so heated. I know I've seemed checked out lately, but I've been sitting here at the cornputer more than I should, responding to the PM's that come my way. This kickstarter business has been one of the most anxiety inducing things I have ever put myself through. I try my best to stand by the admins/ops when they do what they think is best. Hosting esoteric OHBs, telling folks to chill out when being inappropriate; these are important things. I just really wish they would come to me first when they have ideas before executing them. I am stressed and I don't have the energy to support decisions I wasn't included in. Whether it's an admin creating a mature channel and telling everyone to split up by age, or another admin that says they don't want to be an admin posting new channel rules w/o using their admin account, I'm spread too thin trying to save face. Sorry to drop this in public and close the thread butt you can PM me (or start a thread in the n00b forum) if you think I'm in the wrong.

I want Battle of the Bits to be the best durn thing it can be.

"please be nice and cool"

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