Lyceum improvement on channelf?
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post #54590 :: 2015.03.08 7:37pm
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I spend some time on (re)writing the articles in the Lyceum regarding channelf, Sleizsa and the new Sleizsa Duo. Have had my bouts with Firki, nicely going up and down in pedagogist points (puke: giving points on the # of characters in an article will not promote good writing imho).

I know: RTFM has that 'F' in it for a reason. But please test me out and have a look at the articles and tell me if it's ok, what can be better and what you'd/could be missing. Most interesting: can you find your way though it? Because if this linking of format/console/tooling makes sense I might spend some more time on polishing up the Lyceum. Maybe.
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post #54594 :: 2015.03.08 8:30pm
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hey you're nice. :)
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post #54606 :: 2015.03.09 11:07am
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The only thing really missing is a See Also section that links all related Channelf articles. The See Also section is the only thing that could potentially act as a ring w/o creating way too many arbitrary article categories. I think if we are going forward with separate articles for formats and consoles we should observe the (format) and (console) suffixes in the link for disambiguation. Good job.
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post #54614 :: 2015.03.09 12:20pm
I've added an 'See also' section to the bottom of the pages of all articles I edited today and yesterday. It contains links to all related Lyceum articles.

However, I doubt if it is maintainable....

Request fo Deletion: channel f. It has been incorporated with Channel F (console).
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post #54625 :: 2015.03.09 3:02pm
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Good job! While I agree it's not the most manageable situation, I also don't think that this stuff will require much maintenance. New tools don't happen that often and the formats/consoles individually are 99% set in stone. The more we move forward with this type of organization the easier it will be for others to follow! :D/

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